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Tracy’s Choices

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Tracy’s Choices


Film Description:

Tracy’s Choices is the true story about the decisions we make in life!

Tracy is an example of a young person, filled with promise and possibilities, who consistently made the wrong choices. This is a film that reminds viewers – you aren’t just a victim of your past or of circumstances – there is a need for accountability and for personal responsibility. People need to know they are NOT invincible, it can happen to you, and some of the choices you make today can kill you. Tracy’s Choices is a very warm, sensitive and touching presentation including humor, original music, and extensive visuals.

Tracy was arrested by Lt. Jim Mays in a “sting” operation, and sent to prison. But Jim was also instrumental in Tracy’s decision to put her faith and trust in Jesus Christ. As a result, her life completely changed. However, the years of alcohol and drug abuse were taking their toll. The Governor of Illinois granted Tracy a full pardon, and she returned from prison to die. But she didn’t die, not right away, and Tracy used the last months of her life to help as many young people as possible, avoid some of the mistakes she had made in her life.

Young people are constantly bombarded with messages promoting “safe sex,” “say no to drugs,” “don’t drink and drive,” etc. Perhaps it is because there is a recklessness to youth. Many believe that nothing will happen to them—they are deluded into thinking they are invincible.

Tracy’s Choices tells the true life story of Tracy Eichman, a woman who started experimenting with alcohol by kindergarten, tried an “innocent” joint in her teen years, and by the time she was 17 had became so addicted to drugs that she turned to prostitution to support her expensive habit.

Though our culture today always wants to shift the blame to someone else (parental abuse, poverty, etc.) Tracy’s Choices drives home the truth that we are responsible for our own actions. The tagline for this documentary states: “It’s Time We Told Our Kids That Some Choices They Make Can Kill Them.”

Picked up by Lt. Jim Mays in a sting operation, incarceration became the saving grace for Tracy. Lt. Mays, a committed Christian and member of the Rockford, Illinois First Evangelical Free Church. Jim shared God’s love and mercy with Tracy. Overwhelmed, she became a Christian and committed her final days on earth to promoting a godly lifestyle. Tracy became infamous for being the first person in the State of Illinois to be arrested, convicted, and sent to prison for knowingly trying to transmit the AIDS virus. Through sex or shared needles, she was killing people with a slow death.

This 33 minute documentary is intended for teens and young adults. It includes interviews with Tracy both in prison and at a Sunday-evening church service. Lt. Mays hosts the program which also interviews a doctor and dentist that frankly discuss the very real problems that reckless living can bring. Deadly effects may be just one decision away.

Max Elliot Anderson on camera

In photo above, we're working on a dramatic film in New Guinea. Max Elliot Anderson with Ken Anderson

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