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Trinity Goodheart

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CFDb Review!

A sweet film with a powerful message of God’s Divine intervention in our lives to bring families back together. A great film about forgiveness.

Film Synopsis:

When 12-year-old Trinity Goodheart is visited by an angel who leaves her a pendant that belonged to her long-lost mother, Trinity concludes that her mother is in danger and needs her help. What ensues is an effort by Trinity to reunite her disjointed family; and in the process, she teaches them the value of love, faith and forgiveness.

Trinity Goodheart - Christian Movie Film on DVD - Screenshot

Trinity Goodheart - Christian Movie Film on DVD - Screenshot 2

  • Eric Benet ~~~ Jeremy
  • Erica Gluck ~~~ Trinity
  • James Hong ~~~ Mr. Kwon
  • Mark La Mura ~~~ Randolph
  • Jennifer Van Horn ~~~ Melinda
  • Karen Abercrombie ~~~ Maxine
  • Kellin Watson ~~~ Kim
  • Thomas Clark ~~~ Jonathan’s Driver
  • Tonya Bludsworth ~~~ Caterer
  • Kayli Maree Tolleson ~~~ Homeless Girl
  • April Turner ~~~ Mrs. Cooper
  • Mark Scarboro ~~~ Jay
  • Chris Bretscher ~~~ Newscaster
  • Lindsay Ayliffe ~~~ Mr. THornbull
  • Sidney Horton ~~~ Bus Driver
  • Michael Thomas ~~~ Student
Company: ReelWorks Studios
Contact Person:
Phone: 704-375-4321
Email: Email Contact
Trinity Goodheart, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. Steve McPhail says
    03 April 12, 11:34am

    I’ve seen clips of this movie; and I just immediately fell in love with this movie!. For anyone who hasn’t yet seen this movie; I highly encourage you to watch it on youtube. You’ll DEFINITELY enjoy this movie! I even bought myself a copy of ” Trinity Goodheart” just recently at the Wal-Mart Supercenter; And I don’t regret it! It’s an AWESOME christian movie!! Is there any chance that ” Trinity Goodheart” could eventually be released on
    Blu-Ray Disc? please let me know whenever it does become available on Blu-Ray.

  2. Annelie says
    03 April 12, 11:56am

    Not sure if they are going to release this on Blu-ray but if we hear that they do, we’ll update the page as well as include it in our CFDb newsletter.

    It really was a great movie!


  3. kamara Babra says
    17 July 12, 8:55am

    very good educative movie. it teaches people to let go of prejudice.Parents may learn to respect the choices of their children. for forgiveness is another journey of faith altogether

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