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Turn Around Jake (Turnaround Jake)

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Rating: 4.3/5 (3 votes cast)

CFDb Review:

Unique beginning with the split screen contrast.  Some great humor intermixed. A great show of how God can make a difference in our lives when we turn it over to Him.

Turn Around Jake

Film Description:

Turn Around Jake – Sometimes what you’re looking for… is everything you left behind.

Jacob Zaker (Jarret Lemaster, Bounty) is a rising business prodigy working under the tutelage of his corrupt boss, Russell O’Malley (Michael Madsen, Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill). Life is sweet until the government starts investigating illegal practices at his firm, and Jacob is pinned with the crime. Overnight, he loses it all: his career, his downtown penthouse, and his high-class model fiance. Left without options, Jake escapes from L.A. to the last place he wants to be: his childhood home in rural Texas.

Now Jacob must face an estranged father, Leo Zaker (Mark Withers, True Blood, Ultimate Life) and the girl he left behind, Jessica Henry (Jen Lilley, The Artist, Days of Our Lives). While Jake tries to figure out how to return to L.A., old flames are rekindled, and Jake is reminded of the man he used to be. But just as he starts to see that things have changed in the small town, Jake discovers a family secret that will force him to make the biggest decision of his life.

Turn Around Jake - Christian Movie/Film DVD

Turn Around Jake - Christian Movie/Film DVD 3

Turn Around Jake - Christian Movie/Film DVD 5

Turn Around Jake - Christian Movie/Film DVD 2

Film Cast

  • Jarret LeMaster … Jacob Zaker
  • Jen Lilley … Jessica Henry
  • Michael Madsen … Russell O’Malley
  • David H. Lawrence XVII … Murray
  • Patrick Quinlan … Carter
  • Jamison Haase … Agent Fox
  • Jeff Gum … Agent Graves
  • Mackenzie Marsh … Megan
  • Mark Withers … Leo Zaker
  • West Liang … Drake
  • Karter Percival … Emma Nicole Henry
  • Reatha Grey … Grace
  • Landon Ashworth … Michael
  • Aubrey Manning … Sandra Brown

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Film Details

Turn Around Jake (Turnaround Jake), 4.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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