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Turning Back: A Modern Day Prodigal Son Story

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CFDb Review!

TURNING BACK – A Modern Day Prodigal Story is an enjoyable Christian film that brings out an enlightening picture of the faithful son that stayed with his father. A very powerful conversation takes place between the father and the faithful son that you don’t want to miss. We highly recommend watching the candid interview in the special features section as well.

As you are watching this film, see which character you mostly identify with and use this information as a tool to further your walk with God as He molds you into His image. If you are struggling with understanding God’s love or how to love others as God does, then this film is for you.

Film Synopsis:

Turning Back brings the parable of The Prodigal Son to life in this modern-day drama.

Dave Patterson returns home three years after leaving with his father’s money. He humbly faces his family after wasting an inheritance through a self-indulgent lifestyle. Dave intends to prove to his family that he is serious about turning his life around. He finds out quickly, however, that no plans are necessary as his family welcomes him back with open arms. Everyone, that is, except his own brother.

This Film was 1st Released as “The Whisper Home”

  • Randy Vaughn ~~~ Dave
  • Jerry Eisinger ~~~ Stephen Patterson
  • Erin Beute ~~~ Rebecca
  • Randy Molnar ~~~ Ron
  • John Kelly ~~~ Mr. Adams
  • Roger Floyd ~~~ Tony
  • Lisa Curtis ~~~ Barbara
  • Mark Ferrera ~~~ Pastor Watters
  • Elizabeth Judith ~~~ Hansen
  • Greg Nappo ~~~ Ethan
  • Justin Smith ~~~ Ralph
  • Maureen Preuss ~~~ Maureen
  • Chelsea Lee ~~~ Diane
  • Kristen Wharton ~~~ Jessica
  • Charmion Sparrow ~~~ Cathy
Name/Company: Christian Film Group
Contact Person: Rich Christiano
Turning Back: A Modern Day Prodigal Son Story, 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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MPAA Rating
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  1. Brian Manton says
    30 July 16, 4:46am

    Where can I find a source for NON-American, Australian Christian movies to rent for showing at our Anglican Church group meetings?

  2. Desiree says
    24 October 16, 2:21pm

    Hello Brian,

    I apologize for the late reply. Any films you are wanting to show will need permission from that films company. All films listed have some sort of contact information available – email, phone number, or website that can be used to try and reach someone for permission to show “publicly”.

    Hope that helps.


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