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Twist of Faith

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CFDb Review:

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Twist of Faith

Film Description:

Twist of Faith – Jacob Fisher (David Julian Hirsh), an Orthodox Jewish Cantor and amateur songwriter who resides in Brooklyn, New York, witnesses the senseless murder of his wife and three children.

Catatonic, Jacob walks out on his Jewish mourning ritual, leaving behind his Jewish garments, wallet and keys. Abandoning his identity, he wanders aimlessly, hoping somehow to understand his tragedy. Fortuitously, he lands in Brent, Alabama (population 2,500), where he is embraced by Nina (Toni Braxton), a single mother and the lead singer of a small gospel choir (an unlikely finalist in the competition to determine the best gospel choir in Alabama), her Uncle Moe (Mykelti Williamson) and their gospel community who help his return to life while music brings Nina and Jacob together as they try to make sense of his past and their possible future.

Re-Release Date: (TV/Cable) Sunday January 26th/6:00 PM Lifetime

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

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Topic: Music

Twist of Faith - Lifetime Christian Movie/Film - Photo

Twist of Faith - Lifetime Christian Movie/Film - Photo 2

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Film Cast

  • Toni Braxton … Nina Jones
  • David Julian Hirsh … Jacob Fisher
  • Nathaniel J. Potvin … Asher Jones
  • Paula Shaw … Hava Fisher
  • Kyra Zagorsky … Ruth Fisher
  • Mykelti Williamson … Uncle Moe
  • Viv Leacock … Brother Day
  • Dee Jay Jackson … Pastor Johnson
  • Colin Lawrence … Mike Jones
  • Tanner Saunders … Yeeshai Fisher
  • Eliana Calogiros … Miriam Fisher
  • Kennedi Clements … Sarah Fisher
  • Ken Kramer … Rabbi
  • Gina Leon … Naomi
  • Lucia Walters … Julia
  • Denise Jones … Mother
  • John Cassini … Detective Frank Davis
  • Diezel Lewis … Travers
  • Dawn Pemberton … Choir Member
  • Marcus Mosely … Choir Member
  • Khari McClellend … Choir Member
  • Sybil Thrasher … Choir Member
  • BJ Harrison … Alix
  • Sean O. Roberts … Scruffy Guy
  • Dalila Bela … Felicia
  • Michael Adamthwaite … Vandal
  • Shayn Solberg … Vandal
  • Angelo Renai … Brooklyn Bus Driver
  • Jennifer Kitchen … Ticket Agent
  • Ian Brown … Interstate Bus Driver
  • Ian Collins … Gospel Choir Member
  • Kennith Overbey … Gospel Choir Member

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Film Details

Twist of Faith, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. CFDb says
    16 April 15, 5:41pm

    Loved this film, Very interesting!

  2. 27 February 17, 7:25pm

    This was a captivating film with compelling problems to solve. It showed where there were exceptions in our thinking that we don’t know about. All production qualities were very high, as I recall.

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  3. Leslie Hanlon says
    20 August 17, 10:11am

    I would love to own this film. But I have been finding that it is not available. Is there anyway I can purchase it.
    Thank you

  4. Desiree says
    08 September 17, 12:42pm

    Hi Leslie,

    It appears to no longer be available for distribution at this time.
    We will update this as we learn more.


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