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Film Synopsis:

UN1TY… it’s like The Blind Side meets Facing The Giants on the Lacrosse Field!

Chaz loves lacrosse. He loves it so much he actually dreams about it. And he wants nothing more than to help his high school team win the State Championship. But in the middle of the season his team learns the bad news—despite having a new coach, budget cuts may shut down the lacrosse program—and on top of that Chaz learns that a new job is moving his family to Texas.

Chaz doesn’t want to leave. His family doesn’t want him to miss lacrosse. His coach doesn’t want him to go, and his team can’t afford to lose him—especially with the whole lacrosse program at risk. So Chaz’s teammates come up with a plan.

With the support of his family and their coach, Chaz will complete the season by living with different friends and their families for a week at a time. Most of these families are committed churchgoers, but from a variety of denominational backgrounds. As Chaz moves from house to house he gets glimpses of their faith, their struggles, their strengths, their weaknesses, their back-stabbing, their lack of true community, their sometimes-hypocritical attitudes, their humanness.

Chaz senses the authenticity of each of their faith expressions, but he also sees a disjointedness, a lack of connection, a real lack of unity between his friends and their families who claim to follow the teachings of the same man in the same book.

Along the way their coach brings to life the rich history of lacrosse, instilling in them a respect and admiration of the sport and challenging them to be mature beyond their years. The family struggles become team struggles. And Chaz finds himself in a unique position with a unique perspective as they race toward the Championship.

Through the help of their coach and a tragic turn of events, Chaz and his friends learn that what it will take is UN1TY, both on and off the field, if they hope to overcome their grief, resolve their differences, and ultimately save the game they love.

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

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