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Unconditional Love: Episode 3 – The Runaway

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Unconditional Love: Episode 3 – The Runaway

Film Description:

What if an encounter with a stranger turned your whole life, right side up? What if that stranger was none other than Jesus Christ, himself?

In this episode we meet Oscar Salazar (Jason J. Perez) who is a man of faith that as a youth growing up with a single mother with a not so clean past, and in a difficult neighborhood, lead Oscar to end up in prison. Now being a recent ex-con is only one of the challenges he faces in his new life. With a family to provide for, Oscar finds himself wondering about the true worth and meaning of being a Christian; and when Claudius, his old crime boss, and man he went to prison for, offers him the world, Oscar finds himself between a rock and a hard place and running away from everything he knows or so he thinks.

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Release Date: (DVD) 2016

Film Cast

  • Jason J. Perez … Oscar Salazar
  • Laura Gonzalez … Catherine Salazar
  • Julianna Russell … Jessie Salazar
  • Nguyen Stanton … Agent Priscilla Duvall
  • Robert Hawke … Claudius
  • Bruce Peacock … Troy
  • Carlos Ecaymuzquiz … Pastor Hernandez
  • Jeremy Torgerson … Jesus
  • Trey Dominguez … Scott Salazar
  • Kaylee Warner … Katelyn Salazar
  • Isaac Sierra … Agent Luke Hayes
  • Humberto Garza … Young Oscar Salazar
  • Sandra Jimenez … Magdalena Salazar

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Rookie Films Representative: Cristy Ecaymuzquiz
Phone: 956-222-2840 Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

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