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CFDb Review:

Informative documentary that really compares the families and neighborhoods of the past with the families and neighborhoods now.   Shocking difference and a great idea for others to start in the schools in their own neighborhood.  Change is possible!


Film Description:

Undivided – is the surprising true story of an unlikely bond between an inner city school and a thriving suburban church.

Out of a principal’s last hope, a pastor’s simple prayer, and a former quarterback’s second chance, comes the remarkable turn-around for both the school and the church, as students, administrators, and people of faith determine to stop ignoring and start loving.

UNDIVIDED” takes place in Portland, Oregon where racial tensions and gang violence reached an all-time high. In an unlikely team effort, SouthLake Church and Roosevelt High School banded together to tear down walls, build bridges and help kids reach their potential. The film documents the true story of how the church united with the high school- once Portland’s best, but now failing and scheduled for closure- to create a haven for change and betterment.

“There was no reason why that neighborhood couldn’t be revitalized if it could build up around a quality high school,” one narrator explains in the trailer.

It was then that SouthLake Church and its members turned their attention to Roosevelt High.

Release Date: (Theaters) (20 Cities, One Night) January 29, 2015

Release Date: (Video on Demand) February 4, 2015

Release Date: (DVD) TBA


Undivided - Christian Film/Movie - Roosevelt High - Banner

Undivided - Christian Film/Movie - Roosevelt High - ScreenShot

Film Cast

  • Sam Adams … Himself
  • Craig Cheek … Himself
  • Steve Duin … Himself
  • Heather Huggitt … Herself
  • Jeff Jacob … Himself
  • Kip Jacob … Himself
  • Neil Lomax … Himself
  • Greg Neuman … Himself
  • Kevin Palau … Himself
  • Luis Palau … Himself
  • Brooke Perry … Himself
  • Kristine Sommer … Herself
  • Christian Swain … Himself
  • Charlene Williams … Herself

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Film Details

UnDivided, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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