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CFDb Review:

A Great Christian film with a unique perspective. Check out the CFDb Movie Review.


Film Description:

Upside – High school senior Solomon White seemingly has everything going for him: great athlete, good-looking girlfriend, nice car, scholarship offers-a bright future. But a devastating hit on the lacrosse field leaves his world literally turned upside down.

Upside provides a fresh look at life through the eyes of Soli as he struggles to discover where he’s headed, both figuratively and literally. His is a challenge few will ever face … or is it?

Soli has trouble with his mom, he’s trying to end his relationship with his girlfriend, and he has to come to grips with a teacher that challenges him to apply himself. Add in Wren, an unlikely love interest, who is blind and has a strong faith in God, and Soli must take a new look at everything.

When you’re facing life’s twists and turns, it’s important to know what you believe. This fresh story of faith is an inspiring reminder that when life gets you down, there’s always an Upside.

“Upside is an inspiring film about faith and love. Its message challenges us to follow the unique path God has for us.” – Mark Hall, youth pastor and lead singer of Casting Crowns

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Topic: Disabilities

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Movie Event License

Film Cast

  • Kenny Alfonso – Dr. Hampton
  • Caroline Bentley – Lynn
  • Randall Bentley – Solomon White
  • Eric Bradley – Harvard Man
  • Chris Burns – Waiter/Apparition
  • Chrissy Chambers – College Girl #2
  • Deborah Childs – Barbara
  • Annie Cook – Nurse
  • Kay Copeland – Cindee
  • Jeremy Harrison – Craig Parker
  • Megan Hayes – Anna
  • Blair Jasin – Cody
  • Susanna Lewis – Candice
  • Melissa Ponzio – Dr. Leinman
  • Robert Pralgo – Cornell Recruiter
  • Leah Sims – Wren Woods
  • Keith Sistrunk – Recruiter #3
  • Taylor St. Clair – Mrs. Buck
  • Kathie Swenn – Karen White
  • Leandra Terrazzano – Girl #1
  • Stacey Turner – Valerie
  • Slaton Waldo – Coach Myhand
  • Donna Wong – Jennifer

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Triple Horse Studios Representative: Karl Horstmann
Phone: 678.342.8169 Fax: 678.342.8179
Email: Contact Address: 8111 TECHNOLOGY DR, COVINGTON, GA 30014

Film Details

Upside, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. Annelie says
    08 February 13, 3:13pm

    Cindy says…

    This is an inspiring film that causes the viewer to consider if it is time to look at things from a fresh angle.

    For the full review –


  2. Sarah Betlu says
    11 July 13, 9:30pm

    Seeing through God’s given eyes:

    Have you watched the movie ‘UPSIDE’?
    No one??? Come on… No? Yes?. Okay I know some of us did last Sunday afternoon so those who have watched the movie it’s safe to raise your hands. You can say the phrase “We are so cool we watched ‘Upside’ ya’ll” . And all of you who haven’t seen the movie well first off you are still ‘uncool’ (just kidding), I will brief you with the movie what’s it about and those of you who have seen it just nod along, alright?
    It’s about the journey of a high school senior Solomon to maturity and finding his purpose in life and a very touching love story in between. Solomon is the star player of his High School Lacrosse team, the best. He is popular, have a stunning ex-girlfriend (with whom he broke up like 10 times and at present he is trying to stay firm in his decision not to reconcile again) and great friends to hang out with. His life was what most senior high consider ‘the life’. But it all came to an end when an opponent knocked him over and caused him to black out during an important game which was supposed to get him into United States naval Academy, his life dream. The next time he opened his eyes everything was upside down, I mean literally it was upside down. The doctor seemed to be struck to the ceiling and so did every thing in the room. After lots of test it was confirmed he had injured his brain and in addition to the trauma he suffered has lead to alteration in his vision. He gets severe attacks once in awhile when everything starts spinning and immense headache takes over. He lost his change in the Naval Academy due to his injury, he was practically now a zero from a hero. With the help of morphine and many other strong doses of pain killers he started his journey to normality though things would never be the same again.
    The story goes on to show how he changed, matured and started seeing things in a different dimension. He met a beautiful, humorous and strong individual Wren who was born blind, lost her parents at early age and used to live with her sister but recently stayed independently by herself. Despite her so called ‘sad or pitiful life’ as we would normally label, she wasn’t any thing to be pitied. She was remarkable, happy and content, her upbeat spirit was amazing and her humor was contagious. She believed in God and found her peace and joy in her savior. On many of the dates they went out later in the movie one thing she said really struck home, “I don’t mind being blind, at first I did but not anymore. I like the way I see things my way, people say sharks are ugly, cruel monsters but I see them as a beautiful, fast creatures”. This shows how with God our way of viewing life changes, even through difficult times and even as we struggle to keep our head above the surface just to stay alive; we fine JOY, we see BEAUTY in things people can’t even think of and above all we are at PEACE knowing God is backing us up.
    Solomon felt comfortable when he was with Wren, he did not have to impress anyone he could just be himself. He found himself wanting to see her and he found himself drawing closer to her each time they met, and he even got her contagious humor. He learnt from her life and she was a good influence on him. Found this part familiar? I did. It’s like when we truly find God, we want to be with him, talk to him, and we draw closer to him each day and he makes us a better person each passing day. When Wren talked about her faith Solomon got skeptical but she replied ‘You gotta believe in something’ which made a lot of sense. Even though we don’t trust in God at a point in our lives when things gets too out of hand we somehow hope in our heart that some thing of higher power is out there somewhere and everything will be alright.
    Mrs Buck, the English teacher who was willing to give up her job so a soul could be saved said this powerful and very true statement, “Life struggles are 10% the situation that we face and 90% how we react to it.” I think we all can agree to this when we look deeper into the mess that that we are in.
    Cody was a man who was not able to get over the fact that his wife died in an accident, he was afraid to move forward without her and for two years he stayed stuck in his sad past. He got a change to guide Solomon with Mrs Buck’s motivation. I feel it was redemption process for him helping Solomon get his life together. It was a restoration God wanted him to have. In the end he went on to become the father to the fatherless and husband to a husbandless widow.
    Solomon got healed in a church Wren took him to and he got accepted again at the Academy he wanted to go to, but he had found out he was good in writing and he liked it. He had to make an important decision which will determine his future. Cody had told him, “Don’t let others choose for you, you decide for yourself what you want”. He prayed and asked God for guidance for the first time and God answered as He was waiting all along for Solomon to just ask him. Solomon chose Harvard and went to New York with Wren who was going there to help in the Blind Academy and they stayed together happily after (just kidding, but that’s the hope)
    Solomon found his purpose in life, and his desires are pretty much met. He becomes more responsible, mature and at peace. God wants you to decide for yourself. Don’t look around you, if you need a guidance then look up to him cause he is the only one who can give you the desires of your heart and when that intimacy is build you will find your place and your identity. No more confusion, no more doing what others wants you to, no more running.

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