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The Valley of Tears

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CFDb Review:

Unique beginning.  This film shows the powerful ripple effects that can happen in our lives.  Great musical score as well.  There is some light and a couple of strong curse words in this film that was unexpected.

The Valley of Tears

Film Description:

The Valley of Tears – While Adam (Ezra Sutton) is helplessly dying at the hands of his ex-friend Lock (Dominick Daniel), God speaks to him. He lets Adam know there’s one chance to make his afterlife bearable but only if he can get Lock to repent his sins.

That challenge takes Adam on a journey where he can see everything and everyone, but he cannot hear or communicate with them. His only chance is to get at Lock on an emotional level. For that he’ll have to find a way for the murderer to cross paths with an old girlfriend and their beautiful little daughter. If Adam’s burden wasn’t enough, Lock soon decides to murder Adam’s wife (Gabi Gubas) and daughter, and a battle between fantasy and reality ensues. The outcome will decide two men’s eternal fates. 

(Parental Warning!)

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Topic: Thriller

The Valley of Tears screen shot

Film Cast

  • Ezra Sutton … Adam
  • Dominick Daniel    … Lock
  • Gabriella Gubás … Eva
  • Katalin Armatrading … Lena
  • Jerry Camejo … Gary
  • Tyler Cornacchione … Lisa
  • Peter Engert … Joe, Jr.
  • Robert Erickson … Mr. Gilbert
  • Sophia London … Mrs. Segovia (as Sophia Alvarez)
  • Andre Martinez … Mr. Segovia
  • Jillian Mezo … Emily
  • Nicole Michele … Vicky
  • Owen Miller … Goodness
  • Acie Mitchell … Beck
  • Neeona Neal … Erika
  • Robert Ponce … Doctor
  • Nicholas Richberg … David

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Film Details

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