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Vanished: Left Behind – Next Generation

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Vanished: Left Behind – Next Generation

Film Description:

Vanished: Left Behind – Next Generation is an action-packed, adventure story that asks: What would happen if everyone you cared about suddenly vanished? – Complete with suspense and romance, “Vanished” is based on Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins’ popular “Left Behind: The Vanishings” young adult novels.

The film is filled with a star-studded teen cast including Nickelodeon’s “Haunted Hathaway’s” Amber Montana, MTV’s “Teen Wolf” Dylan Sprayberryand Mason Dye from Lifetime’s smash movie “Flowers in the Attic.”

Release Date: (Fathom Theater Event) September 28, 2016 – 1 night only

**** Video On Demand Purchase available November 1, 2016 ****

Release Date: DVD/Blu-ray November 15, 2016!

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Topic: End Time Events

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Vanished: Left Behind - Next Generation Christian Movie - Screenshot

Vanished: Left Behind - Next Generation Christian Movie - Screenshot 2

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Film Cast

  • Amber Montana … Gabby Harlow
  • Mason Dye … Josh Jackson
  • Dylan Sprayberry … Flynn
  • Tom Everett Scott … Damon
  • Jackson Hurst … Eric Harlow
  • Brigid Brannagh … Sarah
  • Keely Wilson … Claire Harlow
  • Rachel Hendrix … Rachel
  • Randy LaHaye … Carpathia
  • Nicole Davis … Pedestrian
  • William Mark McCullough … Dwayne
  • Faye Foley … Actress
  • Sheila Cochran … Terrified Citizen
  • Corbin Timbrook … Ray
  • William Gabriel Grier … Bruce Barnes
  • A.J. Pulliam … Kid on street
  • Sarah Alexandria … Girl on Bike
  • Lisa Lamb … Cashier
  • Augie Buttinelli … Bus Passenger
  • Chip Lane … Rex Hargrove
  • Daniel Nickels … Street Musician
  • Luis Costa Jr. … Gangster
  • Nick Caruso … Eugene
  • Claire Weinstein … Bystander
  • Hannah Oakes … School Kid
  • Glenn D. Bridges … Bus Passenger
  • Adreanna Pulliam … Screaming girl
  • Jessica Roszko … Accident Victim
  • Adrian B. Pulliam … Bystander

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Triple Horse Studios Representative:  Karl Horstmann
Phone: 678.342.8169 Fax: 678.342.8179
Email: Contact Address: 8111 TECHNOLOGY DR, COVINGTON, GA 30014

Film Details

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  1. Rachael Brown says
    22 December 14, 8:35am

    Can’t wait to see this!!! 🙂

  2. kim says
    21 July 16, 5:57pm

    I saw this at a screening and it’s fantastic.Amber carries the film so well, complete star.The film was cast ,produced, and edited great.

  3. Debra says
    08 August 16, 12:41pm

    I was hoping to see this put in a series. I have read all the Left Behind : The Kids books and believe this would draw a bigger audience as a television series than a movie. I was disappointed in the Left Behind (Adult) Movies. Once you have read the books the movies leave too much out.

  4. Colleen says
    29 September 16, 2:12pm

    I was most disappointed in this movie. The Lord was not the center of the film. It did nothing to convict people of the horrors of the tribulation. The Lord said in Matthew 24:21 that then shall be a time not like any other time. It is a time of horrors. This movie just showed a nut prepper but nothing biblical. The movie did not show what is required in the bible for salvation. Nothing. The first three left behind movies actually convicted people and taught about Jesus.

  5. Antichrist says
    07 October 16, 9:14am

    Where I can view this movie?

  6. Desiree says
    12 October 16, 11:20am

    Hello, this movie will not be released on DVD until November 15, however you are welcome to go to our “Buy Now” links to pre-order your copy now.


  7. Martha says
    14 October 16, 10:29am

    Great movie for young audience. Thought it was relative to the general mindset of young adults. Great tool to target the young masses. Big fan of the Left Behind series (books, movies, teen books). Regardless that it is geared more towards the younger generation, it opens a dialogue with young and old (e.g., Pastor left behind). Looking forard to the series. If I may suggest to, not only feature the continued saga of our young actors, but possibly incorporate the life experience(s) of an adult to provide entertainment to both young and mature audience. Notice I did not say “old.” May God continue to bless your ministry!!

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