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War Room

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CFDb Review:

What a Holy Spirit filled film.  Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

War Room

Film Description:

War Room – Prayer Is A Powerful Weapon!

From the award-winning creators of Fireproof and Courageous comes WAR ROOM, a compelling drama with humor and heart that explores the power that prayer can have on marriages, parenting, careers, friendships, and every other area of our lives.

Tony and Elizabeth Jordan have it all—great jobs, a beautiful daughter, and their dream house. But appearances can be deceiving. Tony and Elizabeth Jordan’s world is actually crumbling under the strain of a failing marriage. While Tony basks in his professional success and flirts with temptation, Elizabeth resigns herself to increasing bitterness. But their lives take an unexpected turn when Elizabeth meets her newest client, Miss Clara, and is challenged to establish a “war room” and a battle plan of prayer for her family. As Elizabeth tries to fight for her family, Tony’s hidden struggles come to light. Tony must decide if he will make amends to his family and prove Miss Clara’s wisdom that victories don’t come by accident.

Release Date: (DVD/Blu-ray) Pre-buy NOW! December 22, 2016

War Room: on Blu-ray/DVD

War Room: Kendrick Brothers Christian Movie/Film - Blu-ray/DVD

War Room: Kendrick Brothers Christian Movie/Film - Banner

War Room: Kendrick Brothers Christian Movie/Film - Banner 3  War Room: Kendrick Brothers Christian Movie/Film - Banner 4  War Room: Kendrick Brothers Christian Movie/Film - Banner 5

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(L to R) Ms. Clara (Karen Abercrombie) celebrates after Elizabeth (Priscilla Shirer) shares how God answered a specific prayer (filming location: Birkdale Village shopping center in Huntersville, N.C.). (Courtesy of AFFIRM Films/Provident Films, Photo credit: David Whitlow)

(L to R) Ms. Clara (Karen Abercrombie) celebrates after Elizabeth (Priscilla Shirer) shares how God answered a specific prayer (filming location: Birkdale Village shopping center in Huntersville, N.C.). (Courtesy of AFFIRM Films/Provident Films, Photo credit: David Whitlow)

Film Cast

  • Alex Kendrick … Tony’s Boss
  • Ben Davies … Policeman
  • Meg Crosbie … Church Member
  • Ashley Bratcher … Lindsay
  • Karen Abercrombie … Miss Clara
  • T.C. Stallings … Tony Jordan
  • Noël Baker … Trish
  • Kimberly Hester Huffstetler … Charge Nurse
  • Priscilla Evans Shirer … Elizabeth Jordan
  • Rusty Martin Sr. … Mr. Barnes
  • Beth Moore … Mandy
  • Michael Jr. … Michael
  • Stephen Hart … Office Professional
  • Elizabeth Becka … Julia
  • Dave Blamy … Tom Stafford
  • Scotty Curlee … Rick
  • Perry Ball … Business Executive
  • Jimmy Manning … Restaurant Patron
  • Jessica Lark … Attractive Church Lady
  • Adrian Eugene Graham … Waiter
  • Ed Pilkington … Doctor
  • Carrie Marshall … Lisa
  • Audrey Blackwelder … Business Executive
  • Zachary Dylan Brown … Mover
  • Jadin Harris … Jennifer Stephens
  • Jeremy Faughn … Gym Guest
  • Steve Hullfish … Greg
  • Donald Horner … Business Executive / Sports Spectator
  • Kevin Peeples … Praying Father with Baby
  • Stephen Kendrick … Double Dutch Announcer

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Affirm Films Representative:
Phone: +1 310 244 4000 Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

War Room, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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  1. Kimberly Huffstetler says
    28 December 13, 11:14am

    I am in AWE of these films produced, and I would love to help promote them,…..and be a part of them. Please let me know when and where so I can audition for a part, even as an extra….anything to be an inspiration to the World…

    Thanks for all you do…..
    Kimberly Huffstetler

  2. Annelie says
    29 December 13, 8:51am

    There is a link to apply to be in a Kendrick Brothers Film!


  3. Jeremy says
    10 March 15, 12:53pm

    There is a conference in Oklahoma that is showing this movie next month! They have info on their website. 

  4. CFDb says
    06 May 15, 11:10am

    Another Winner!!! Loved it! Great Job Guys!

  5. Shola Ajani says
    07 August 15, 3:02pm

    Seeking UK rights. Please who can point us in the right direction. Thanks

  6. Annelie says
    07 August 15, 3:38pm

    You may have to contact Affirm Films –

  7. Don Alsup says
    27 August 15, 11:17am

    Learn more about the film War Room by watching this short video interview with director Alex Kendrick:

  8. Linda says
    28 August 15, 11:54am

    Thank you Kendrick brothers for yet another amazing film. War Room is a life-changing movie, as were Fireproof and Courageous. The messages brought out in your films are desperately needed. Bless you!

  9. Saez says
    28 August 15, 5:54pm

    My family and I just left from watching War Room. It was the best movie we’ve ever seen! All of us were so blessed by this remarkable movie. The actors were wonderful and the message was absolutely AWESOME! We are so ecstatic about War Room. We want to tell everyone about it. I am 15 years old, but the reality of God’s awesome love and grace is powerful enough to touch anyone, regardless of age. God bless Alex Kendrick and the other producers and actors involved. We hope they make many more movies!!

  10. Candy says
    28 August 15, 6:08pm

    Hello, I just want to give a shout out to the War Room movie. I just watched it with my family in our local theater. This movie isn’t just another re-falling in love/ dysfunctional family movie. This movie is a movie about making powerful contact with God through prayer. I believe this War Room style is effective in many situations. Kendrick brothers, God bless you both for taking your gifts and making treasure, not trash. Keep standing out for Jesus. ‘The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His Face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn His Face toward you and give you peace’. This movie is a must see for the whole family. What a blessing!

  11. Mary JB says
    28 August 15, 6:32pm

    My husband and I just saw the movie and it was great! What an awesome message and testimony of the power of prayer! This film is a wonderful reminder that God longs to give His people abundant and supernatural blessing, but we must ask. People without Christ will not understand this movie unless the Spirit moves them. We loved it… The acting was great.

  12. Barbara says
    28 August 15, 9:13pm

    What were the bible verses used in prayer closet?

  13. Gayle Reed says
    29 August 15, 10:13am

    August 29, 2015
    About 40 of us from Journey Church Columbus went to the premier of Alex Kendrick’s movie the War Room. I was touched profoundly by its messge and wanted to share it’s positive message with you.
    I decided to check the reviews before writing this one and and I’m very glad I did. I could see that the nay sayers and the non believers were at work. They don’t ‘get’ God’s message to us. God wants us to pray for each other. To know that He will take care of us. And most importantly, to give God the glory…always.
    It’s not about the worldly riches, it’s about the heavenly riches and living in community with one another as part of God’s army here on earth.
    I strongly approve this movie and hope that many of you will be able to see it for yourselves.
    Blessings and peace.
    Gayle Reed

  14. M Price says
    29 August 15, 7:12pm

    Awesome movie!!! I laughed, cried, and walked out of the theater inspired!!! This movie came out at the right time for this country!!! Thank you for the entertaining and wonderful Christian message this movie delivers.

  15. 29 August 15, 9:38pm

    We give this movie 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Are you kidding me with all the negative movie out there, that leave you wondering why would you spend $10 to see this, and waste all you time seeing nothing that would encourage and or motive you. This movie was incredible. It was touching, heart felt, and all through out the movie I found myself not only bowing to pray, but begin to ask God to forgive me for things I needed to correct in my life. The people around me were bowing their heads in prayer as well. We celebrated as we watched God at work in their lives, and felt the deep pain, of being alive and not living. Knowing that God will help you, when you cry out, is certain. It says in His word “Cast your cares on him for He cares for you.” Why not show Christian as winners! We know the battle has already been fought, and won! We hold our heads high, because God has done this for us! We win, we don’t paint a tragic picture because with God on our side, there isn’t one. He didn’t say our lives wouldn’t have trials, but he did say he wouldn’t give us more than we can handle. This Movie “War Room” blew us away. I work in a children’s home and my 10 boys are the toughest critics, I know. Yet they clapped, they cheered, they cried because God is real, and He answers our prayers! 20 years ago if a movie touched your heart people raved over it, even clapped at the end. They were clapping all the way through this one, bowing their heads, and gave a standing ovation when it was over. Sorry you didn’t see the same movie we did. My boys loved it, and said I give it “100” please do yourself a favor, go to this movie, and bring someone along that will need to see what a prayer life can do. How about we give some props to industry’s that are impacting our world in a good way, and leaving you to think about what it is you need to change about your life. I don’t know about you, but I’m still being touched by what I just watched 6 hours ago! Brenda Garner ( It’s Time 4 God ) a class act all the way, get ready for a new movie experience!

  16. judy jackson says
    30 August 15, 2:30am

    awesome movie

  17. Cheryl Lynch says
    30 August 15, 6:02am

    Awesome movie but it doesn’t surprise me I love all the Kendrick’s movies, so excited to see what else they are going to come up with. I truly believe these two have been sent by God to write and produce good Christian movies for God’s people. May God Bless you your ministry.

  18. Annelie says
    30 August 15, 8:00am

    I’m hoping someone knows the answer to this question because there were quite a few of them and I didn’t write the verses down.

  19. Rhonda says
    31 August 15, 4:49pm

    I am so happy I don’t listen or care what The reviews say
    About War Room.
    I think they gave it bad reviews because it’s Christian based.
    Not Hollywood made.
    Didn’t have Sex or bad language.
    Well if that’s their taste in movies, I will never go
    to another Hollywood movie again!
    Keep up the great work!
    Please don’t stop making great films/ movies!

  20. Annelie says
    31 August 15, 5:03pm

    I have only read good reviews about it – nothing negative – can’t believe I haven’t seen the bad reviews or that there would be any. What a fantastic film!

  21. Lynne says
    01 September 15, 2:01pm

    I went to see the movie with a few friends and family members. We enjoyed the movie and were encouraged to see that the movie theatre was packed. To me, the movie was more reality based with real life options on how to deal with real life issues.

  22. Carolyn says
    01 September 15, 10:10pm

    I just saw War Room at the theatre. Absolutely the best movie I have seen in a long time. Very scripturally sound and encouraging. I felt led to pursue a prayer life that has that kind of testimony attached to it!!

  23. Gloria Woods says
    03 September 15, 10:44am

    Thanks for this movie, Our church went as a group, As a intercessor it has given me a greater appreciation for prayer and a more affective way to battle the enemy in my personal life. I am sharing with everyone I know to please go see this movie. Thank you for spreading this message to the world.

  24. Herminia says
    06 September 15, 1:42pm

    I loved this movie….it gave me some tools on How to save MYmarriage in a downward spiral..I know there is POWER in PRAYER….and I will pray more…study God’s word more and will be specificallyBE praying for my husband and I KNOW GOD WILL FIX IT ALL!!!!…THANK YOU guys for a FANTASTIC MOVIE…KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!…AND TO GOD BE THE GLORY FOR THE THINGS HE HAS DONE AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO…HT…TEXAS..

  25. Patsy says
    06 September 15, 3:47pm

    Either you will connect with the movie and see the truth of God’s Word exposed or you will have no clue what this movie was about. Truly, our world, country, communities, families, and believers, have lost their understanding of what it means to experience the salvation of Jesus Christ. Jesus died that we might live the abundant life.

    This movie illustrated what goes on in the majority of “Christian” homes. Millions of couples attend church on Sunday but return home to argue, fight, and live separate lives. Then they wonder why their children turn away from the faith.

    War Room recaptures what it means to be a Christian – bringing oneself and all that belongs to them, under the authority and leadership of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, and renouncing Satan and his power over their life.

    1.Salvation is a personal experience. Elizabeth did not bash her husband but she did submit her husband to God, praying that God would work in his life. She did come under God’s authority and allowed Him to work in her life to resolve her anger and unforgiveness. If we want God to change our marriages he will begin in “us” first.
    2.Going to Church does not equate living the Christian life: Millions sit on pews each Sunday to go home to live as they want on Monday – Saturday. Our belief and faith in Jesus will affect all area of our lives. True worship is a life lived in holy sacrifice to God.
    3.“Victories do not come by accident.“ So often we want God to zap us with his all powerful wand. Not only are we to submit to God but we must resist Satan. We must be intentional about winning our battles, whether in the mind or in reality. Understanding the real enemy is key to winning the battle. Satan is the enemy.
    4.“There’s no room for you and God on the throne of your heart.” Either we are on the throne or allow Jesus as Lord of our lives, but not both. We have a choice to allow God to fight our battle or we can take control, thus facing the consequences of our own actions.
    5.Prayer is powerful to solve a mountain of problems. A prayer life will change you, your marriage and your ministry, and your outlook on life. When is the last time you got on your knees in the closet and wept over a loved one? (I am working on my own War Room)
    5.We have a responsibility to mentor others in their journey. Love is tough. Even if you are seen as a “busy body” it is worth the risk to save someone’s life, their marriage, or better yet, their soul. We take risk to speak about other topics and issues. If we have experienced the grace of Jesus we are responsible to share it with others. “Lord bring me one that I can mentor along the way.“
    I could go on and on with my opinion of the movie and the lessons I learned but, God will speak to you in a different way.

  26. Teresa says
    07 September 15, 12:09pm

    Absolutely loved the movie! It is the message for the season we are in now. Can you tell me how I can pre- order the DVD? Thank you!

  27. Annelie says
    08 September 15, 8:13am

    It’s still in theaters right now but Christian Cinema should have the pre-order soon.

  28. nancy burns says
    12 September 15, 9:01am

    I just saw this movie this past week and it was one of the best movies that I’ve ever seen. I thought I was praying before I saw this movie but now I am trying to become a “pray warrior” the right way. I praised God, cried, sat on the edge of my seat, and had such uplifting feelings as I left this movie……MORE MOVIES SHOULD BE MADE LIKE THIS ONE!!!! We all need to be moved by the SPIRIT!!!!! Great Job….Kendrick Bros. Nancy Burns

  29. Annelie says
    13 September 15, 4:32pm


  30. mickey says
    15 September 15, 8:07pm

    Loved the movie! Such truth about praying and believing in God!

  31. Jessy says
    20 September 15, 12:07am

    This movie seems great. Here in zambia lusaka africa it is not showing. Please tell me how i can watch it online

  32. Annelie says
    21 September 15, 8:19am

    You will have to wait until it comes out on Video on Demand – it’s still in the theaters right now.

  33. Glenn Frazier says
    21 September 15, 7:22pm

    I just wanted to say that so long as you two Brothers Produce Movies as Great as War Room, Courageous, Fireproof,Flywheel, & Facing the Giant’s, I will make a Prediction. God will Bless and Honor you Both and your Families as long as you never forget who gave you the desire and courage to take a leap of Faith and jump into the frying pan with open arms. God Bless You and May God always guide your every footstep. I Love Your Movies. But a note to you War Room is by a longshot the Best movie I have seen in many a year. Awesome, Awesome, Love Filled and God ordained movie. Praying for God’s Blessing upon you both each and ever day.

  34. Kim says
    30 September 15, 1:35pm

    I loved loved loved this movie. I have seen it twice and want to go see it again. If I had just a little of what Ms Clara has, I would be happy. Amazing movie, makes you stop and think, makes you want to get on your knees and thank God for loving us as much as he does. I have told everyone that its a need to see movie. I can’t thank you enough for making this movie. Awesome!!!!!!!!!! I am working on my own prayer closet, my own War Room. Keep it up guys, great movie!!
    I want it when it comes out on DVD.

  35. Annelie says
    30 September 15, 2:38pm

    This movie is impacting so many lives, it really revived my prayer time with God as well. Fantastic.

  36. 06 October 15, 1:03am

    looking to buy this powerful movie andit had mein tears, laughter and set me to my knees. so its the most breath taking and so want to buy this movie does anyone know when its on sale in christian movie stores yet

  37. Annelie says
    06 October 15, 11:18am

    We don’t know of a release date for the DVD just yet.

  38. Dan says
    07 October 15, 6:35pm

    Took our church to see this film WOW! enjoyed it! Would like to know when it would be released to purchase a church license to show it in our church? Thanks

  39. Annelie says
    08 October 15, 7:42am

    You can pre-buy here – – it comes out in January. We don’t have a link just yet for church licenses but hopefully we’ll have that soon.

  40. Doreen says
    10 October 15, 12:52pm

    I cannot tell you how awesome this movie War Room was. I went 4 times taking someone different every time. I have fire proof, facing the Giants, and more. I also had to travel 50 minutes each way, each time to see. I wouldn’t change it for nothing. 5 stars plus.

  41. Annelie says
    11 October 15, 10:07am

    Wow – we’ve seen it 3 times already and I thought we held the record.

  42. David says
    17 October 15, 4:44pm

    This movie could be a bless for a lot of people, will it be translated for foreigners people ? It would be so great to have a french or french subtitled version. I wanted to see this amazing movie in theaters or on DVD but no possibily is given for me in France so I have no choice to wait and hope…

  43. Annelie says
    18 October 15, 8:53am

    You can check with pureflix to find out for sure –

  44. Sunny says
    23 October 15, 11:30pm

    I LOVE THIS MOVIE. I’ve seen it four times & brought a different person each time.
    I loved that it is so real. So much life, hope & promise.
    I’m not a memorizing scripture kinda person but years ago I ran across 2 Cor 10:3-4 and have it in my heart I couldn’t even really explain what it meant yet I knew it was important. I know now I can relate it to this movie and it’s message.
    ” tho we walk in the flesh, we don’t war according to the flesh. For our weapons of warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds”.
    I am so grateful to all the Kendricks for this movie. Also for acknowledging every single person it seems that had anything to do with bringing this dream to fruition. From children in child care to praying churches to floor sweepers. Just as God doesn’t overlook anyone neither have the producers. Everyone’s service has been acknowledged. That warms my heart as much as Clara and Elizabeth and Tony and Danielle.
    Thank you for another great job. I know it’s made God smile!

  45. Kalli says
    04 November 15, 1:10pm

    We are about to start the War Room Bible study for our women’s group on 12/1/2015. We are in the SE Houston area and the last showing of the movie at any theater near us is Nov. 11, which is next Wednesday and all the women in our group may not be able to go see it by then. When will the site license to host a church viewing become available? This would be much more conducive for our little church. Thanks!

  46. Annelie says
    04 November 15, 3:09pm

    call Affirm Films to find out for sure – 310 244 4000

  47. Wojtek says
    25 November 15, 10:35am

    Where can i get this movie to download on my disc? We want to make polish subtitles. Thank you

  48. Annelie says
    25 November 15, 10:57am

    Try contacting the Kendrick Brothers –

  49. Janet says
    06 December 15, 5:49pm

    Awesome movie. Please keep this ministry going. Went to see it on opening night. We decided to see it again for our 22nd wedding anniversary. Guess this will be the gifts for our families this year. Need to order a dozen
    Wow…cried, laughEd and prayed all the way threw it.8

  50. David says
    09 December 15, 4:43am

    There is a french version of War Room ! I will buy it and see it with my family : )

    Many thanks to Kendrick Brothers !

  51. Karen says
    27 December 15, 1:57pm

    This has become my all time favorite movie….it has changed the way I pray and relate to God. One of the most powerful movies,as well as the Passion of the Christ. It made me think about my own relationship with God and also with people.thank you for such powerful movies as this, Facing the Giant and others. Keep producing them…they are a blessing!

  52. Debra Saint Linebaugh says
    18 March 16, 8:43pm

    We were so moved by how you brought out the power of trusting God through prayer. I hope and pray all your prayers about this film, and the others you have done, will be answered in God’s perfect timing.
    What I loved about the story line and characters was how real and true to life they were. My husband has been a pastor for over 40 years and mentally I was checking off the same scenerios from a myriad of experiences we had.
    Question: How may I get permission to show your film at my church? We’d love to get this movie into the minds and hearts of our parishioners!
    Thanks again for being obedient to the Lord Jesus Christ!
    Sincerely in Christ,
    Debra Saint Linebaugh

  53. Annelie says
    21 March 16, 8:02am

    1 310 244 4000 – contact Affirm films for more details

  54. Carlos Wheatley says
    14 July 16, 1:35am

    I love this movie. Churches around the world should be watching this movie and putting some of these spiritual strategies to live a life in Victory. So many tools to fight against the enemy. Ephesians 6:10-18.
    Mrs. Clara Williams is a powerful and inspirational lady. I love the way she lets the Lord guides.
    I am planning to create a War Room in my house. I share a lot of quotes from your movie with friends.
    I am not an actor I am a school teacher and I will like to have the opportunity to be part of your next project.
    May God continue to bless you.

  55. Jason Fieldhouse says
    07 February 17, 8:12am

    Thank you. The Lord is my shepherd and I shall not want. He lead me to a place so He can speak to me. I heard His voice while I watched your movie and I was touched and supplied. Great is His name, Jesus, wonderful, mighty God. I rest on the pasture and He waters my soul. Thank you. Glory be to God!

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