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Where’s Daddy

Sneak Preview
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Where’s Daddy?

Film Description:

“Where’s Daddy?” is a dramady that focuses on the importance of family, more specifically, the importance of both parents in the home, raising children. The program focuses around the day in the life of Lorraine Mayer, who is separated from her husband, John Mayer. This 60-minute dramady will take the audience on an inspirational journey of the Mayer family and the many obstacles they face.

Release Date: (DVD) Summer, 2016

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Film Cast

Actor Character Actor Character
Kaycee Campbell Lorraine Mayer Twila Ilgenfritz Mrs. Jackson
Aubrohn King John Mayer James Bowden Maurice Mayer
Carlos Cardenas Mr. Freeman Jennifer Cooper Shirley
Caitlyn Fernandes Tanya Mayer Phil Hosford Teacher
Yetunde Oluwasegun Mrs. Johnson Tamia Washington Tanya Mayer
Sieva Floyd Secretary Kenneth Pinder Teacher
David White Sherriff Brunson Rob Simpson Principal Morrison
Danette High Francis

Film Contact Details

Company: Fruits Of The Spirit Productions Representative: Arlette Thomas-Fletcher
Phone: 410-627-6511 Fax: Not Available
Email: Contact

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