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Without A Father

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Film Synopsis:

Joshua Taylor and Christopher Bauman are two young boys from separate worlds whose lives are thrust together and forever altered when Joshua’s father suddenly dies. Lucille Bauman, mother of young Christopher raises them with love, compassion, and The TRUTH.

In vain, and as the boys grow older, they begin seeking to fill the empty, fatherless void in their lives through a whirlwind of events that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Can the prayers of a praying mother help this family now? Will the anger and resentment overtake Christopher? Will there be enough time to forgive, or will it be too late?

This heartfelt suspenseful movie will touch everyone who watches it. Impacted With a powerful message of reconciliation, faith, family and perseverance, Without A Father is a must see film.

  • Pieter Sypesteyn ~~~ Joshua Taylor
  • Jacob O’Neal ~~~ Christopher Bauman
  • Cynthia Cannon ~~~ Lucille Bauman
  • Vicki O’Neal ~~~ Sarah Bauman
  • Brayden Whisenhunt ~~~ Young Joshua Taylor
  • Xavier O’Neal ~~~ Young Christopher Bauman
  • Michael Paterka ~~~ Phillip Taylor
  • Katy Fulkerson ~~~ Kelly Marie Rose
  • Taron Glover ~~~ Brandon
  • James Mcewen ~~~ Henery Bauman
  • David Amos ~~~ Divorce Lawyer
  • Ryan Anstett ~~~ Car Salesman
  • Richard Britz ~~~ Medic
  • Alan Brown ~~~ Pastor on TV
  • Byron Brown ~~~ Pablo
  • Michael Chieves ~~~ Photo Detective
  • Brian Faison ~~~ Mark McClain
  • Andy Fox ~~~ Medic
  • Stephen Fulkerson ~~~ Walter-District Attorney
  • Roman Garcia ~~~ Detective DeLuna
  • Adilia Giron ~~~ Anna – Maid
  • Rudy Gonzales ~~~ Funeral Pastor
  • James Hopkins ~~~ Speaker
  • Willete Hopkins ~~~ Stacy
  • Gigi Parker Hudnall ~~~ Joshua’s Real Mom
  • Bonnie Jaimes ~~~ Prosecutor
  • Sarah Ludwig ~~~ Joanna Perkins
  • Tia McDonald ~~~ Lucille Bauman -Younger
  • Emily Pollastro ~~~ Linda
  • Dixon David Powell ~~~ Medic
  • Annette Quinian ~~~ Karen Green-caseworker
  • David Richardson ~~~ Lucille’s Father
  • Braxton Rodetis ~~~ Flower Man-Peer 3
  • Suzee Rodetis ~~~ Laura Miles – Loan Officer
  • James Rogers Jr. ~~~ Inmate
  • Shaun Royer ~~~ Jonathan Chase
  • Randolph Shelton ~~~ Medic
  • Harry Soto ~~~ Mario-Peer 1
  • Roman Teska ~~~ Agent 1
  • Wilburn Thomas ~~~ Dr. Wiburn
  • John Tristan ~~~ Hot Dog Man
  • Paul Wagner ~~~ Bodyguard-Peer 2
  • Stephen Walker ~~~ Judge Reeves
  • David Whisenhunt ~~~ Richard Smith-Attorney
  • Everett White ~~~ Uniform Officer
  • Michelle White ~~~ Detective Davis
Name/Company: Gordon Pictures
Contact Person: Leroy McDonald
Website: Film Website
Email: Email Contact
Without A Father, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. mark evans says
    17 September 12, 11:51am

    great film, but can you tell me who sang the song in the film with these lyrics, and what was the song called, lord i come today, on my knees to pray,

  2. Annelie says
    18 September 12, 10:34am

    I’m not sure – you can try contacting Leroy @ to find out for sure.


  3. Rita Martin says
    27 January 14, 8:08am

    Awesome movie !

  4. Ruth Cline says
    28 January 14, 5:36pm

    Wow, there were so many twists and turns in this movie–it kept you guessing and glued to every move. Still, we felt there were unanswered questions at the end. What happened to the “bad guys?” You kept looking for them to show up any time. And what was the deal with the other flower deliveries? What did we miss? I know you could say that once they turned their lives over to Jesus, He protected them. And did Lucille know where her husband was all the time? Any takers?

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