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Year 33

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Year 33

Film Description:

As a successful business owner, family man and Christian living in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Shane Pergrem never imagined such an incredible life for himself. From growing up in a broken home and barely graduating high school, he had no real prospects of a future.

Faith, hard work and most of all, motivation pushed Shane to his calling of working in video production. This passion turned into becoming an entrepreneur, running his own company, True Artists Studio. He and his family traveled the nation enjoying life all the while.

Success comes at a price though, as Shane realizes his story isn’t quite over. He has become a workaholic, neglecting his leadership role to his family. Tragedy strikes and a choice must be made. Will Shane pursue his family with all that he has or is it just too much to handle while running his business?

Shane documents his life story and the journey he is on in this incredible documentary film, YEAR 33. A story of overcoming adversity to become the person you are meant to be.

Release Date: April, 15, 2018

Film Cast

  • Conner Pergrem
  • Bennett Pergrem
  • Emily Pergrem
  • Madelyn Pergrem
  • Shane Pergrem

Film Company Contact Details

Company: True Artists Studio, LLC Representative: Shane Pergrem
Phone: Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

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