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Years of the Beast

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CFDb Review:

Fantastic classic! This movie is great. A powerful, Christian End Time Film, with some great memorable moments in it. This was one of the very first Christian movies I ever saw and there were at least 4 scenes that stuck in my memory that still stay with me to this day.

Years of the Beast

Film Description:

Years of the Beast – Experience a society where money is worthless, food is scarce, your neighbor is your enemy and oppression reigns. Watch the ultimate forces of Satan and God prepare for the final battle.

Feel the great and ultimate triumph of Christ’s return and look up with encouragement, “for our redemption draweth nigh.” Witness the years of tribulation and the great and ultimate triumph of Christ and His church.

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Topic: End Time Events

Years of the Beast - Christian Movie/Film - 1

Years of the Beast - Christian Movie/Film - 2

Film Cast

  • Gary Bayer … Stephen Miles
  • Alana Rader … June Miles
  • Malcon McCaiman … Dr. Carl Klineman
  • Jerry Houser … Gary Reed
  • Sarah Rush … Cindy
  • James Blendick … Jackson McKifer
  • Jon Locke … Pete
  • Michael Amber … Prime Minister (The Beast)
  • Peter Von Berg … The Exalted Rev. Costo
  • Valentina Quinn … Alice
  • D. Paul Thomas … Spokesman
  • James Chapman … Janitor
  • Debra Johansen … Shoppper
  • Wendy Isaac … Cashier
  • Alice Lee … Shopper
  • Loren Isaac … Shopper
  • Doc Duhame … Lonny
  • Scott Nolte … Mr. Dobbs
  • Pamela Nolte … Mrs. Dobbs
  • Leslie James … Dobbs Girl
  • Jay Magee … Deputy
  • Leonard Spivey … Hooded Man
  • Allen Shore … Hooded Man
  • David Reilly … Assassin
  • George Scranton … Dr. Smithson
  • Gwen Mansfield … Mrs. Smithson
  • Larry Franklin … Deputy
  • David Klingler … Plague Victim

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Film Details

Years of the Beast, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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