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Yellow Day

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Yellow Day

Film Description:

Yellow Day – chronicles a young man’s life-changing journey through the mysterious Yellow Day. To some, the Yellow Day is a simple and fun celebration at a kids camp. But to those who accept, God bestows incredible visions and miracles. For this young man, the Yellow Day becomes not just a search for his lost love, but a spiritual journey where faith, hope, and love are revealed in extraordinary and unexpected ways.

It is here he must witness the great triumphs of others, face his fears, and strive to become a better man, if he is to ever find his lost love again.

Release Date: (DVD/Blu-ray) TBA!


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Film Cast

  • Drew Seeley – The Good Man
  • Lindsey Shaw – Girl in Church
  • Ashley Boettcher – Little Girl
  • Akeem Smith – Whit
  • Meagan Holder – Taylor
  • Rose Abdoo – Mrs. Mandelbaum
  • Stu Silver – Mr. Mandelbaum
  • G.P.Galle, Jr – GP
  • Melissa Pilot – Melissa
  • Keone Fuqua – Janitor
  • David Richey – Pastor McCrummen
  • Catherine Nowicki – Mrs. Deonelas

Film Company Contact Details

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Film Details

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  1. Sherry says
    26 December 15, 1:49pm

    Western PA would be Great! Yellow Day isn’the playing anywhere close to here. Over 5 hr drive…

  2. Lute Schlager says
    14 January 16, 1:11pm

    How is it that Yellow Day can have no handholding, no kissing, no bad language, no sexual innuendo whatsoever – and yet be so romantic? How is it that Yellow Day shows many of the intense struggles that humanity has with tragedy and the struggle of physical and mental difficulties – and yet bring the viewers to happy tears (the joy of the Holy Spirit)? How does a modern, groundbreaking animation technology, moving seamlessly from live action then back, show the heart of emotion in the oversized eyes of its characters – and yet be revolutionary and groundbreaking? How do actors, in ordinary clothes, doing ordinary things, with clean humor that goes over the heads of the grandparents who love this film (but is very appreciated by the under thirty crowd) show the miraculous in ordinary events – and yet no one has an external healing? How is it that a very ordinary beginning leads the viewers into an extraordinary story of many facets – and yet remains so simple? There is so much beauty in this never done before style of presentation – the music (“You Are Mine” Elliot Morris/ a melody of flamenco/jazz/fusion acoustic guitar by Roman Street Band/ the original “Judith” electronic symphony/ and “Farther Along” Josh Garrels) – the animation, which has animators researching the technique – the jaw-dropping cinematography of Joseph Arena outside of and inside of the chapel – the acting of Ashley Boettcher – fresh faced perfect portrayal of an unjaded preteen with all the enthusiasm, fun, and smiles typical in the American preteens not familiar to most media critics – but very familiar to those who teach that age, of Drew Seely, the nice guy trying to be a good man by living for the only really Good Man ( Jesus, of course), of Lindsey Shaw, perfect as the cynical young woman who has seen too much of the rough side of things, but appreciates true goodness in people and prayer as strength in tough situations, of lovable Meagan Holder, the Christian girl many of us know, with the huge smile, a heart of gold and a savvy outlook, of Akeem Smith whose very humorous portrayal of the Mercutio the sidekick to Drew’s Romeo is spot on and of the campers who are really incredible as themselves – being exactly who they are. So many Christians on so many levels of Faith, Hope and Love! So much appreciation of God’s creation and how man creates and gives goodness through the gifts God gives him! And how valuable we all are in the eyes of God! This is plainly stated in Yellow Day – a moment, a day, a time when God’s Will is done on earth as it is in heaven! And that is why.

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