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Young Disciple: The Series

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Young Disciple: The Series

Film Description:

Young Disciple: The Series – Young Disciple is the new (TMK) mini series that takes a look at the transformation that a group of young men go thru as they transition from being gangstas to becoming disciples of Jesus Christ. Those of us that are in Christ can affirm that change does not come easy, regardless of the life we’ve lived or the path we’ve walked… change doesn’t always happen fast, and as consistent as God is (yesterday, today, and forever more), quite often we are ALWAYS a variable.

Episode 1

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Episode 2

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Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

Young Disciple, Christian Movie, Christian Film, DVD

  • Monox Ragland … Prime
  • Buck Barnabas … Eli
  • Rags Ragland … Marcus
Company: The Media Kompany
Contact Person: Julio Montalvo
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Young Disciple: The Series, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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  1. Annelie says
    23 November 14, 12:06pm

    We are sorry the links aren’t working for the episodes – we are trying to get that corrected as soon as we can.


  2. Sandra says
    11 September 15, 8:28am

    Young Disciple: The Series: I won`t say my age, let’s just say I`m over 40, and a white female. I had recently found this ministry on my roku which I had looked for a while for good Christian movies and started watched this show. I am glad I watched this show and even though I have no clue as of the REAL street life, I found myself praying for the REAL street like kids. I found myself falling (in Christ`s love) with these characters and even loving and understanding the real kids of the street. I have a neighbor across from me doing illegal things and I have since started praying for him and I was actually able to love and see this family as GOD sees them and it is the same for the kids on the street. At the begging of the show, I think it was Elijah that said, ” Maybe you can relate to something.”. “Well, I can`t relate to street life, but I can relate to struggling on a daily basis, especially when I TRULY became a Christian. I grew up in an abusive household which my mother told me on a daily basis that everything bad that would happen was the wrath of GOD and I was being punished for it. So when I got out of my mother`s house, I didn`t want her GOD that punished me for every mistake I made and I became a practicing witch and dedicated my life to satan. Long story short, that was not GOD`s destination for me and saved me. Long story short, I came back to GOD`s loving arms. It was was a BIG TIME spiritual battle and a struggle trusting God at that time. NOW, I`m here still going through (SST) spiritual strength training with a brain injury and paralyzed husband, but Loving and trusting GOD all the way through it. I`m very burned out and tired, from caring for my husband alone for over 4 years with no help, money, therapy or benefits from the VA and I probably didn`t make any since. Sorry about that. God Bless you all in your ministry and hope you can reach those lost kids on the street and I will keep praying and keep up the great work..

  3. Annelie says
    11 September 15, 9:07am

    My heart breaks too for those on the street. Thank you for sharing your story Sandra.

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