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Film Synopsis:

We don’t need to look very far to find an organization or a cause that is worthy of our support as Christians. But as we sift through a barrage of pleas for money and volunteers, trying to find the one that best uses our valuable time and hard earned dollars, we often overlook one of the most important… our own church.

“ZACK” is the story of a private investigator who, like many Christians, never considered the importance of a commitment to his own church. He figured “someone else” would help with that work-day; “someone else” would teach that Sunday School class. “After all,” he would say, “I don’t even like doing those things.” But Zack takes on an insurance investigation and in the process discovers a lot more than just the solution to the case.

Often funny, always enjoyable, “ZACK” is a motion picture that presents a message crucial to all Christians… and without preaching. It allows the viewer to get to know and like Zack, and then to identify with him as he begins to realize how essential and beneficial is a Christian’s commitment to his local church body.

  • Michael David Simms – John Zachary
  • Matthew Shaker – Jeremy Logan
  • Stephani Hardy – Mary Springfield
  • Gerard Flynn – Gordon Andrews
  • Phill Schmidt – Pastor
  • Charles Meshack – Eddie
  • Calvin O. Seely – F.B.I. Agent Turner
  • John Valentino – F.B.I. Agent Walker
  • Michael Hungerford – Phony F.B.I. Agent #1
  • Ted McAndrew – Phoney F.B.I. Agent #2
  • Marnie Crossen – Mrs. Woodbury
  • Kimberly Simms – Secretary
  • Ron LaPere – Martin Woodbury
  • Mark Ketcham – Young Boy
  • John Thurber – Bulldozer Driver
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  1. CFDb says
    21 December 11, 5:02pm

    This film is out of print, we will let you know when a re-release is planned. Thanks

  2. Bill Mings says
    12 September 17, 2:01pm

    “Zack” is now available on Amazon video!

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