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‘The UnMiracle’ – CFDb – Movie Review

‘The UnMiracle’ – CFDb Movie Review

The UnMiracle – The Greatest Miracles Are Unseen.

A community struggles after the accidental drug overdose of the most popular girl in school. Seven interweaving story lines show the fabric of a small town torn by tragedy and touched by grace, as well as God’s power to heal and grant second chances.


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“We can’t know God’s reasons, that’s why it’s called faith”.

How many of us have asked or been asked “in a horrible situation – ‘how can God allow that?'” There is a discussion between two teens – one of faith and one not – that makes you think about this exact conundrum.

A couple powerful points made in this film….

  1. “We tend to look to God in rough times” and “God will help you get through today”.
  2. For an addict (of any type), I think that second one is the most important to remember. Don’t think about ‘how will I make it 1 week, 1 month, 3 years…’, just look to God each day anew, and he’ll get you through it one day at a time.

    And my favourite point of all…

  3. “The most powerful weapon we have is love”
    We are reminded of this very point in the bar scene where officer Bob Mackenzie was reminiscing with Mike and shared the reason he had become a cop. You never know what a massive impact just one small act of kindness can bring to anothers life.

One of my favourite scenes in this film was when Mike was explaining what courage is to his little brother Danny. Despite how broken down he is, he goes on to explain how it’s all done with Faith.

Overall, the movie was filled with a mix a heartbreak, faith, forgiveness and encouragement.

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