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Scriptwriter Resources

Scriptwriter Resources



7 Keys to a Great Pitch – Don’t miss out on having the perfect pitch.  It IS that important.
Read BOTH articles:  The 8 Steps to a Powerful Pitch

When submitting your information to production companies, it is imperative that you have a 1 page kit ready just as if you were presenting your information to an investor.  The production company needs to know your vision and the exact purpose for your script. Are you wanting to sell the script, be involved in the production, etc.

Please keep in mind that most scripts will not be read unless you can capture their attention right away, and a lot of scripts will be turned away if you do not have an agent or entertainment lawyer to represent you.

Are You Beginning to Write – Great article by Clyde Taber from Visual Story Network.

Celtx – Online Scriptwriting Resources – This resource makes it easy for scriptwriting.

Final Draft – Final Draft is used by the top studios and production companies worldwide

Production Companies – Here are the links to the companies that we know about.


The Art of Adaptation: Turning Fact and Fiction into Film

Film Scriptwriting

How to Succeed in Hollywood (Without Losing Your Soul): A Field Guide for Christian Screenwriters, Actors, Producers, Directors, and More – Ted Baehr – MovieGuide

How to Write a Treatment – Pitch Ideas

InkTip – Getting the Right Script into the Right Hands

Interplans – Start with a simple idea, finish with a script that can be browsed by producers. Interplans Services will get you there.


Parables Today: A Christian’s Guide to Transmedia Screenwriting (Kindle Edition)

Pitch Tips from Virtual Pitchfest

Script Fix

Scripttank – joining moviemakers, scriptwriters, & filmmakers together


Scriptwriting Class by MovieGuide

I Wrote a Great Script, Now What???

Virtual Pitchfest – Tell Your Story – and make sure to check out the Pitch Tips.

Writer’s Store – Online Screenwriting Courses


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    We provide story development up to a script-ready treatment, then in revision of scripts. My colleague is Daniel George (SWEET MARA,

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