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Saving Winston

“Saving Winston” is a faith-based drama about a troubled teen who finds redemption through her faith in God and the rehabilitation of a rescued horse.

The story begins with Ashley, a drug abusing teen, being arrested instead of her delinquent boyfriend in a botched robbery attempt. This event forces Ashley to begin a long journey to rediscover her true self. After her release from six months of institutionalized rehab, Ashley goes to live with her aunt, a horse trainer. As Ashley tries to rekindle her memories from her lost youth of becoming a champion rider, she struggles to end all contact with the ex-boyfriend that enabled her addiction.

While adjusting to her unfamiliar surroundings, Ashley stumbles upon a malnourished horse named Winston, abandoned and forgotten behind a neighbor’s dilapidated house. Ashely and her aunt rehabilitate the poor unfortunate animal. As the horse’s health improves, so does Ashley’s state of mind.

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