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  1. 21 April 16, 11:37pm

    My name is Jonathan Bryden and I have a dream to produce a short film about the birth of the Prophet Samuel at the Vancouver Film School, but I need your help! The school will only allow me to do the project if I can raise the money and prove their is an audience for this film. Please share this, consider what you can contribute and pray for this project. Help me make an impact on the film industry here in Vancouver!

  2. Annelie says
    22 April 16, 10:38am

    Social media is probably the best place to post the link to the indiegogo campaign – I did schedule a shout out for you this weekend. May the Lord bless your efforts to glorify Him in your upcoming movie. You can also ask a Christian Film Forums for advice – – This page can help as well for advice –

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