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‘A Strange Brand of Happy’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

A Strange Brand of Happy


After losing his job, David (Joe Boyd) is pushed by his roommate (Benjamin Keller) to hire a life coach (Joyce) to motivate him. When Joyce (Rebecca St. James) invites David to join the volunteer group that she takes to a retirement home, David discovers his manipulative ex-boss, William (Hunter Shepard), is part of the group. The retirees, noticing that both new volunteers are interested in Joyce, decide to add to the drama by deliberately pushing the rivalry to a higher level. The competition goes extreme and ultimately leads David on a journey that may mean he loses all he hoped to find.

Written and directed by Brad Wise, A Strange Brand Of Happy (Rebel Pilgrim Productions) is due to hit theaters September 13, 2013.


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Cindy’s Review: A Strange Brand Of Happy is not what many think of when they think “Christian film”, but is more of a faith-friendly type film. I think of it as a quirky, romantic comedy. It’s not a film for children, although they will not see or hear anything inappropriate. It is probably more along the lines of a PG film. It made me laugh as I watched and I got a bit teary-eyed during one scene (unusual for me). It is a fun film for “date night” or to see with a group of friends. I don’t want to give away too much, so I will just summarize a bit below.

David lost his job, albeit one he hated, but doesn’t know what direction he should take to find meaning in his life. Can he find fulfillment in a new career or is there more to being happy? His friend, Ben, believes a “life coach” is the answer and sets his friend up with one who is also very attractive. David is unemployed, unfocused, a bit immature, and never really thinks about God. Joyce finds joy in her life and believes God finds joy in her when she uses the talents He has given her. Will their professional relationship stand in the way of a personal one?

Joyce believes one of the best ways to help yourself is by serving others, and convinces David to volunteer at a retirement home. The residents (Shirley Jones, Marty Ingels, Venida Evans, Bobby Rodgers) quickly involve themselves in the lives of these volunteers and their manipulations are hilarious. Yet, they also provide the help and guidance David needs to get his life heading toward a happy future after decisions made nearly cause him to lose everything.

I called this a romantic comedy, but it is more than just boy meets girl, they flirt, they fight, and love conquers all. This is also about finding the gifts God has given you and using them. It is also about finding God when you seek Him. Sometimes you just have to know where to look.

How does a flyer, a landlady (Bekka Prewitt) with a crush, a poet (Anis Mojgani), and a knight in paint-splattered armor fit in this story? You will have to see the film this September to get those answers!!

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Cast and crew of A Strange Brand of Happy

Cast & Crew of ‘A Strange Brand of Happy’


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*I was shown an advanced screening of this film in order to write a review. I was not required to write a positive review, but only for my honest opinion.


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