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“A Warrior’s Heart” ~ CFDb Recommendation & Review

A Warrior’s Heart

In shock and denial over his Marine father’s death in battle, star Lacrosse player Conor Sullivan, always a maverick and a hothead, starts acting out in self-destructive ways that have his mom, Claire, at her wit’s end. But arduous training in a wilderness Lacrosse camp under the tutelage of his dad’s old combat buddy, Sgt. Major Duke Wayne, opens Conor’s eyes to the true meaning of maturity, sportsmanship and manhood…


Sneak Preview

A Warrior's Heart

I LOVE Lacrosse so I knew I would like this film!  I wish they would have really shown a need for God in this film but that was the only part that was lacking.

This movie is all about learning humility, which is a Christian trait, or should be.  It was very interesting to hear about where lacrosse actually came from.

There are 2 lessons learned and said during this film that are great…A warrior doesn’t run from pain and A warrior gets the job done.

I hope you enjoy this film as much as I did.  Great teenage movie as well.




Be sure and catch it TONIGHT on January 27th, Sunday 2013

7 / 9 / 11 EST

If you miss it, check the schedule on GMC

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