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‘Always With You’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Always With You’ ~ CFDb Movie Review


Always with You

“ALWAYS WITH YOU” is a movie about dealing with loss and feeling God has abandoned you. This movie is going to take you on a roller-coaster ride as Isabel (played by Angelyn Rocha) looks for closure after a devastating incident sends her life into a spiral.



Sneak Preview

Always With You

Not sure how to describe this, but it was thought provoking, caused me to do some Bible study about it.  They tackle a topic that is such a difficult one, why is there suffering.  I’ll share a few highlights and thoughts and then attach the study itself:

  • The overwhelming power of guilt.  It can literally destroy us.
  • We feel like God abandons us when someone dies or something goes terribly wrong in our lives.  The Gospel that is being preached a lot today is NOT the right Gospel, not the one that Jesus preached.
  • We all grieve differently and how important true friends are.  Izzie’s friend was a fabulous friend.
  • Really liked the conversation about the Chimes and the Holy Spirit
  • Liked the poem about making spiritual deposits so you have someone to withdraw from when you need it.
  • The blame is not with God, things happen because God gave us free will and wicked people do wicked things and sometimes there are just accidents.  God is ALWAYS WITH US, even during our darkest moments.
  • Great song at the end too.

I truly believe that we need to be preaching the True Gospel, the one that Jesus taught.

Lesson 4 – Suffering

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