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‘Always with You’ ~ Written by 2 Pastors

Always with You Cover ArtAlways with You


Always With You is written by two Pastors (David Rocha, Modesto CA & Scott Jungkeit Stockton CA).

Always with You

This is a story of a young lady that has the perfect life and in one second all of it is taken from her. Being a believer all of her life, how does she deal with tragedy. She blames her uncle for her loss and eventually blames God.


Filmed on the streets of San Francisco, this movie will bring you to tears as you go on a journey with Isabel (Angelyn Rocha) as she seeks to find closure and answers.

parakletos films logoThis is a debut film by Parakletos Films, but Pastor David Rocha is no stranger to film. Before he came to know the Lord he was a recording artist (Sir Dyno) and actor. He starred in eight straight to DVD movies that hit Blockbuster Video, Hollywood video and many more stores internationally.


The vision of Parakletos Films is to never water down the gospel and likewise never water down life. So hold on and enjoy this heartfelt, true life film that was filmed with the sole purpose of evangelism and reaching people with the Gospel.

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