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‘On Angel’s Wings’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘On Angel’s Wings’ ~ CFDb Movie Review


On Angel’s Wings

When the star player for the Angel’s Soccer Team is injured Coach Carter (VelJohnson) decides to play the water girl, McKenzie Adams (Ruffin). After embarrassing herself in front of the entire school, her luck changes when she meets an Angel that grants her 3 wishes.

Unable to keep it a secret, she takes her little Brother Josh (Humphrey) and their dog Zeus on a whirlwind of fun and adventure. Their excitement proves short-lived when McKenzie’s luck runs out and she has to figure things out on her own.

In this coming of age family movie, McKenzie, Josh, and their dog Zeus find that miracles really do happen everyday, because they happen whenever we help someone in need. ANGEL’S WINGS is sure to uplift, inspire, and show the value of believing in yourself… and angels!

Sneak Preview

On Angel's Wings

Definitely a kids film and a wonderful message.  I had a difficult time with the child angel, just seemed a bit silly at times, and since child angels aren’t Biblical it’s difficult for me to get past that BUT it is a kids film so I have to take that into consideration and the overall message really made up for that.  Some highlights:

  • Do your best every time and don’t be afraid.  (I can almost hear God telling us that!)
  • Everyone has potential.
  • At first the 3 wishes really bothered me because we tend to think of God as a genie and He isn’t, but then it was really brought out the truth about miracles.
  • Things that don’t matter…don’t last.
  • Do the best with what we’ve got.
  • When we believe (faith), we act as if we’ve already got the yes answer.  (Nice)
  • Great cast.

Miracles are a topic Roger and I discuss often.  We consider miracles things that couldn’t happen any other way than God’s intervention, such as an arm growing back where there wasn’t an arm.

This film brought out that when we pray for miracles we are really wishing for things, but we should be praying “God’s will be done”.  Not easy to do, but necessary.

We are sent to do God’s work and we can be someone’s miracle or blessing.  BE THE MIRACLE.  Great advice.

Tyler HumphreyTyler Humphrey

My favorite in this film was Tyler Humphrey, who played Josh.  The boy was so genuine and simple in his faith and LOVED the way he loved others.

Great film for teens and children especially the conversation Amber (mom) has with McKenzie (daughter).  That should be taped and played OVER and OVER again for sure.  Wish I had that conversation with my mom when I was growing up.  It may have changed quite a lot of my decisions.

Up Uplifting EntertainmentUP TV

This is not out on DVD just yet, but I’m sure it will be playing again on UP TV, just not sure when.  If anyone knows, please comment below so we can watch out for it or update the review page.

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