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Anna’s Heart on Theatrical Movie Screeners

Anna’s Heart on Theatrical Movie Screeners


After attending the ‘Little Boy‘ screener the other day, I was compelled to write this article as I realized what a blessing and inspiration movie screeners can be, especially when a producer or director or someone from the actual movie comes to speak and shares some special details about the particular film they’ve been involved in.

c0777b743a7b35e9b43097f8a5f7799eLittle Boy‘ is just such a screener that we attended this past Friday, part of the perks of reviewing Christian Films and promoting them.  Ever since we saw the preview of this film, while watching another Christian film I was hooked and the film did NOT disappoint.  But what was even more amazing was the before and after talk.

Eduardo Verastegui pic

The first surprise was Eduardo Verastegui, one of the producers from the film gave a background of his experience with Hollywood and his powerful testimony about how he learned the Hollywood is a mission field.

We are not called to success, but to be faithful to God.  I believe it was Mother Theresa that said that and it’s a grand truth we should grasp.  Sometimes that faithfulness to God turns into a success, but it’s His success, not as a result of us striving to be somebody.  We are already somebody in Christ!


While the screener was being shown, it began to snow so we didn’t have too much of a question answer period when the film ended. More was shared, including clips about the boy Jakob Salvati, who played little boy in the film.  Quite inspirational.  I’m hoping they include part of the clips of him on set on the special features section of the DVD.

This boy, Jakob, is one of those pure in heart type children that you read about in the Bible.  His heart seemed to really come through during those clips and it became obvious to us that he was chosen to play the part in the film by God.  The story about how he landed the role was quite amazing too.  He was at the auditions along with his brother who was auditioning for the film.  They noticed him and waited for his audition, but it never happened.  They tracked him down and asked his mom if he could audition too.  She said he didn’t have any acting experience and wasn’t there for the role, but she agreed.  The director had gave Jakob the most difficult scene and he had them in tears and they knew he was the one for the role.

That is just the beginning.  So touching!

What's on your list

Where is the last time you saw a list like this?  Could be from Matthew 25:31-46?  What is so interesting is this past weekend I also heard a sermon about this very same thing, only something was brought out I hadn’t caught before.  Those that were lost and told to depart into everlasting punishment weren’t asked which commandments they kept, but what they DID NOT do.  The sin of ommission vs. the sin of commission.  Something to think about.  If we truly LOVE one another and do what’s right, we end up keeping God’s commandment, almost automatically.

Not only do I urge you to watch this movie, I urge you to take the challenge of doing as Jesus asked us to do…the list.  What name will you add at the bottom of your list of someone you need to befriend because they are your enemy…

Read the official review of ‘Little Boy‘ and don’t miss it in theaters April 24, 2015.


As this boy touched my heart, I was encouraged to pray in faith and believe that I can move God to move the mountains in my life, especially in the area of intercessory prayer.  Do I believe that if I pray for someone that God will intervene in their life to reveal Himself to them and bring them to Himself?  I DO BELIEVE and that is why my faith was sparked by this film.  I pray it will do the same for you…to find that childlike faith and trust that God requires of us.

Matthew 18:3 – And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.


If you would like to read more of ‘Anna’s Heart‘, check out our Anna’s Heart Blog Section.


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  1. 26 February 15, 6:35pm

    Anna, this is a wonderful review, thank you. I have been following this film for some time and the more I hear of it, the more I want to see it and bring it to our community.

  2. Annelie says
    27 February 15, 8:18am

    This is a film where you really appreciate filmmaking and glorifying God at the same time. Beautiful combination!


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