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Auditions for Christian Film ~ Newton Falls, Mt. Vernon, & Columbus, Ohio

Auditions for Christian Film ~
Newton Falls, Mt. Vernon, & Columbus, Ohio


A Soldier’s Gift

Fear and hate tore their world apart, a simple gift helped put it back together. A Soldier’s Gift traces the history of a hand-crafted music box and the profound impact it had on the lives of six men.  They met as enemies, yet their lives would soon be connected in a bond of friendship.


 German 10.5mm artilleryThe German artillery canon is a private piece owned by a collector in California. It’s the type of canon Irwin and his father used during the war.


Traditionally, movies based on the drama of WWII have done well commercially because the story touches the lives of so many people who either experienced the war first hand or who have family members that did. A Soldier’s Gift is an action film that presents human conflict, humor, the struggles Christians face and encourages Godly integrity. This film does not highlight the violence of war, but rather teaches us that even when things are at their worst, God sometimes uses little reminders to show us that He loves us.


Auditions-PosterPARTS NEEDED

Actors are needed for sixty-five speaking partsCheck here for more roles:

There are character roles for children:

  • Young Jon Luc, age 5;
  • Irwin, age 12-14;
  • young Ronnie Lawrence, age 7;
  • Angel, age 7;
  • Young adults age 17-30 (most are WWII soldiers and must look the part); and some older characters.

Approximately 200 background actors are also needed.

All production crew positions are needed, as well as crew support positions are available for those who prefer to work behind the scenes.

  Ruined French village5The farm house is an archive photo from WWII.  Ruins like it will be
recreated to represent the French villages of Morville, Moncourt,
and Guebling at an Ohio Army National Guard base near Newton Falls, Ohio.


Filming will be taking place around locations in Ohio including Newton Falls, Mt. Vernon, and Columbus.

Time frame for the project ranges from autumn to spring with at least one taking place during the summer.

 Infantry soldiers

The GIs on the Jeep are WWII re-enactors.
We will need approximately 200 American and German re-enactors as extras for the film.


We are seeking the Lord’s help to provide every talented person and every penny needed to do this film with excellence.

Production will start as soon as we get funding. There is an opportunity for sponsors to recoup their investment through a percentage of movie theater ticket and DVD sales.



Kent Taylor, Executive Producer/ Writer (Please be sure to reference A Soldier’s Gift)



ILUM Pictures

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  1. Patricia Schwab says
    08 July 14, 2:57pm

    I am a blonde 5’3″ I am 63 years old. I am an ice skating coach. I was an Art teacher for 24 years. I got straight A’s in film school. At Wright State University. My skating season is from September to April. I would like to work in the dance scene at the senior citizens home or any other scene you may like me in. My husband is a skater too. He is 62. We are both very physically fit as we do pairs, ice dance and synchronized skating.
    Anyway,I hope my schedule and your schedule will work with God’s help.
    Thanks for making a wholesome film.
    Patti Schwab

  2. Annelie says
    08 July 14, 3:24pm

    Hi Patti – you can create a profile here –


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