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‘Do You Believe’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Highest Recommendation

‘Do You Believe’ ~ CFDb Movie Review
& Highest Recommendation


Do You Believe

Do You Believe – Lives intersect on the streets of Chicago – rich lives, poor lives, desperate lives.

They each have their dreams, their secrets, and their hurts, which keep them from connecting with each other, and keep them from living their lives to the fullest.

A ‘chance’ encounter with a street preacher challenges a local pastor into putting his faith to the test. How he reacts ricochets to those around him, drawing them all towards the place where they must confront an essential question for themselves: “Do you believe? Do you believe in the power of the cross?”

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Besides an AMAZING cast, this is a movie that will really shake your faith and bring about a true commitment to Jesus if you will let it.  Here were some highlights:

  • One person living fully and completely for Jesus, totally surrendered to Him and His will…what ripple effects will occur.
  • How many people in life find true meaning, discover their true purpose?  For the Christian, it takes surrender to find out.
  • Some humor throughout and an adorable little girl who played Lily that just permeates love in all she says and does.
  • We’re all broken.  We’ve all sinned.  We all need to surrender all and love like Jesus did and the world would change.
  • We don’t see the big picture as God sees it.  We only see a little piece of the puzzle and that’s why we can’t always understand why things happen or how God will work that out for His glory or for our good in the end.  We just need to trust Him.
  • The totally and completely unexpected scene in the film that blew my mind.  You’ll have to watch it to understand.

What do people really think of when they see the cross?  What do you think?  Do we truly believe in God the Father, in Jesus Christ, the Son of God dying for our sins and the Holy Spirit giving us that new life to walk in victory?  The cross is bloodstained and painful.  What does it demand from us?  That is what this movie is all about and more…

Check out the CFDb Interview with Liam Matthews, who plays the role of Bobby.

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