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‘Beyond the Mask’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Highest Recommendation

‘Beyond the Mask’ ~ CFDb Movie Review &
Highest Recommendation


Beyond the Mask

An action-fused historic adventure, set in the international turmoil of the mid 1770’s.

Running for his life, an East India Company assassin buried his past in a quiet English village, assuming the mantle of an Anglican priest. But this disguise won’t last for long when a woman he loves and a war he no longer wants force him to confront the question of who he really is. In the face of a looming global conflict, he discovers for himself the meaning and source of true justification and freedom.



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Beyond the Mask

What a fantastic movie, full of action and purpose with great cinematography and musical score.  Here were some highlights:

  • Great beginning.  From beginning to end, you didn’t want to look away for a second in case you might miss something.
  • Some humor throughout.
  • Only God can give us new life.
  • A surprise twist.
  • Some touching moments.
  • Great cast.

This movie has the superhero feel to it and we highly recommend it.  Don’t miss this masterpiece.

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