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‘Break Away’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

Break Away

When it seems like you’ve lost everything – see what you’ve got and let God multiply it…

Francois is a hard working husband and dad that gets laid off from his job. None of his efforts to get another job succeed and he is forced to us what he has, including an old bicycle, in order to provide for his family. With the help of his “black sheep” brother, a bicycle show owner and a pro-cyclist, Francois makes some life-changing discoveries about his life, career and faith in God.

Although a fictional story, BREAK AWAY, was inspired by true events around the recession that left people without work. The message brings hope and offers practical and Biblical solutions in a very entertaining way.


Sneak Preview

Break away

Can you imagine everyone being laid off from your job at the same time?  Maybe some of you can.  I know I can although that was a long time ago.  I believe this is a film a lot of us can relate to.

I really liked the musical score and cinematography in this film, but it was the determination and entrepreneurship during parts of this film that really inspired me.

My favorite character was the bike shop owner though.  Everyone needs a friend like this in our lives, especially during the tough spots.

Although I wish there were subtitles during the times when they spoke in a different language, at least it wasn’t that often.

My favorite quote came from the wife, “You follow God and we follow you.”  I loved that.

The main theme was about using what you have and not focusing on what you don’t have.  That was great as well!  No matter what happens to us in our lives, God has a plan for us…never give up!


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 This is officially released on DVD April 23, 2013

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  1. 14 March 17, 5:17pm

    I thought this was above average for a low-budget Christian film. It was believable enough that I had to research if it was based upon true events. It wasn’t, though it was “inspired by” multiple events. The competitive bicycle racing element was just enough to add drama, but it wasn’t central to the story. The central theme was what we would hope to see in such a film – a struggle with faith. The acting was pretty good for low-budget film, too. Finally, this was the first South African film I’ve watched, and I enjoyed the slice of culture.

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