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‘Camp’ ~ CFDb Recommendation & Review


CAMP is the latest film from Jacob Roebuck. Inspired by true stories, we meet Ken Matthews (Michael Mattera), a hot shot investment banker doing whatever it takes to make a good impression with a wealthy client, including becoming a camp counselor. Ken is partnered with Eli, a kid thrown away by his parents and in foster care, for a week he won’t soon forget.


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Wow!  This is one of those films that you need to see as it will really change your life.  My heart was broken several times throughout this film and it really made me want to go out and volunteer at a camp that is dedicated to foster children.

This film will lead to you want to do more for others as a Christian. We CAN make a difference in people’s lives as Christians.  Are we doing that?  If the answer is no, then something is wrong and we need to look inside and pray and ask God how we can serve mankind and glorify His name.

A few things I want to talk about this film – #1 – are there REALLY THAT many people that grow up in this way?  I’m afraid the answer is YES.  That makes me long for Heaven even more.

This film shows God’s working and Romans 8:28 at work.  Loved the way they addressed the modesty issue, and the way humor is mixed throughout.

There is one REALLY unexpected funny moment as well.  It caught me off guard – LOVED every minute of this film.  It will tug on all of your heartstrings.

Please watch this film, support this film, show your children, discuss the film afterwards, and then MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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