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‘Catastasis’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘Catastasis’ ~ CFDb Movie Review
& Recommendation



Pastor Robert Peterson never expected to wake up and receive a phone call that would change his life forever. A mysterious man calls Pastor Peterson, and holds him hostage in his own home while forcing him to practice what he preaches. Will faith be enough to bring this man of the cloth through this CATASTASIS?



Sneak Preview


This film was amazing, full of suspense and surprise, especially the ending.  Here were some highlights:

  • The couple pictured above were HILARIOUS.  This was a serious movie most of the time but these 2 were fabulous.
  • The comment being forced to say by the main character to this couple pictured above was priceless the way it was said.

This is not a predictable movie and is so intriguing from beginning to end.  It’s also a wake up call for Christians with a powerful message.


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