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FaithLauncher Partnership

CFDb is excited to announce our partnership with FaithLauncher, a crowdfunding site!
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CFDb Recommends:

Michael Gier Interviews Actor Brian Bozworth of Revelation Road.

Not Today in Theaters 4/12

MUST SEE FILMNot Today in Theaters April 12, 2013 – See this film opening weekend!

To Our Fellow Christian Film Lovers! 

April – Spring is here! Spring is the time of Spring cleaning! It is also the time for revival and renewal. This is my prayer for all us…revival! Let’s join together in prayer for revival for we all need it. Let this be the month of true and full surrender to Jesus.

Annelie Rudlaff, llc


Luke 9:23 – And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.

CFDb – 5 Star Christian Movie Recommendation:

Meant to Be

This is such a powerful movie. This is a film that can bring healing and true conviction.
This is NOT a film for children as it deals with a very serious subject.


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Read the CFDb Movie Review



Go see NOT TODAY opening weekend
April 12, 2013 – You won’t be disappointed!

All the ticket proceeds will go towards ending Human Trafficking!


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Annelie's Christian Film World Blog

Annelie’s Christian Film World



CFDb Interviews Greg Robbins


= > At what age did you begin acting?


I began acting at age 15 in theatre. I didn’t take it seriously until about age 21. Honestly I was embarrassed that my friends would make fun of me so I kept it to myself at first.


= > What do you like most about acting?


I thoroughly enjoy getting rid of myself and submersing myself into someone else. I enjoy taking an audience on a ride, with a character. It doesn’t matter if it is stage; TV or a movie screen if the audience is sucked in by anything I play that is a good feeling.

To Read More


Coming Soon Page on CFDb
Break Away
DVD Release Date 04/23/2013
Charge Over You
DVD Release Date 04/16/2013
Home Run
Theater Release Date 04/19/2013
King's Faith
Theaters Release Date 04/26/2013
God's Country
DVD Release Date 04/23/2013
Not Today
Theater Release Date 04/12/2013Don’t miss!
Ring The Bell
DVD Release Date 04/09/2013
The Bible: Mini Series
DVD Release Date 04/02/2013

This Is Our Time
DVD Release Date 04/16/2013
DVD Release Date 04/09/2013
Uphill Battle
DVD Release Date – 04/28/2013
The Bridge
River Bend Film Festival 04/06/2013
Now in Theaters – MUST SEE FILM!
Earlier Films from 2013
Finding Faith
Have this movie shown at your church! (540) 527- SAFE (7233)
Barabbas Series
Currently on GMC
Closer to God
DVD Release Date 03/12/2013
Veggie Tales: The Little House That Stood
DVD Release Date 03/05/2013
DVD Release Date 03/26/2013
It Has Begun
DVD Release Date 03/18/2013

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