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Cheryl Wicker Interviews Jenn Gotzen
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CFDb Now Features Christian Movie News on the Home Page
To Our Fellow Christian Film Lovers!Decemberis the time for giving! Let’s give of ourselves this season as Jesus gave Himself for us. Remember…Jesus died for EVERY person on this planet, thus each person is valuable!The most moving presentation of the birth of Jesus was at the Radio City Music Hall by the Rockettes. The whole audience was moved at the presentation given at the end of their Christmas show. It was done so beautifully and reverently. I still remember it vividly even though it was many years ago, while I was still living in NY. 

Radio City Music Hall Rockettes


Annelie Rudlaff, llc


Luke 2:10 – And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.

CFDb – 5 Star Christian Movie Recommendation:

The Heart of Christmas

This is based on a true story and a fantastic story about that. If you want to get your priorities in order, this is the film for you!


Recommended for everyone! Powerful film!


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A Wobot's Christmas
A Wobot’s Christmas is one you’ll want your children to see this Christmas. Great message! Buy Today OR YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN ONE by making a comment on this post!  Contest is 1 week only!

More 5 Star Christmas Recommendations
Christmas Angel – Della Reese/Kevin Sorbo/Teri Polo

Christmas Miracle – Thomas Kincade Film

Love’s Christmas Journey – Love Come Softly Series

A Christmas Wish – About a Homeless family – Kristy Swanson stars in this one

Christmas Angel – This is a different Christmas Angel – not a Christian film but shows Christianity in action by giving to others in secret. Great film!


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Annelie’s Christian Film World



CFDb Interviews Philly Plowden – Actor/Comedian

= > What led you become involved in acting?


Acting really found me. My dream was to play basketball in the pros. I found my humor while hanging with friends. From there came trying to be funny on stage. Then auditioning for an acting project!


= > When did you first know that you should become a Comedian?


I always loved watching comedians like Pryor, Rickles, Johnny Carson, Cosby, Winters. But when I knew I wanted to be a comic was when I walked away from it, and it pulled me back because people/strangers kept telling me I was funny and missed my calling.


= > How long have you been a Comedian? How long have you been acting?


Since I was 15……Ouch!

Coming Soon Page on CFDb
DVD Release Date 12/04/2012
Last Ounce of Courage
DVD Release Date 12/04/2012
Les Miserables
Theater Release Date 12/25/2012
Meant To Be
DVD Release Date 12/26/2012
Trade of Innocents
DVD Release Date 12/11/2012

Films Recently Added That Came Out In 2012

The Taker
Watch Movie Online
DVD Release Date 11/13/2012
The Nothing
DVD Release Date 11/06/2012
DVD Release Date 11/07/2012
The Greatest Miracle
Finally Released in English

For our Catholic Viewers

The Victor Marx Story
On Demand on Sky Angel
Heaven's Door
DVD Release Date 11/27/2012

And a Highly Recommended Series


I Forgive You
Showing on GMC

CFDb Movie Review

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