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Silver Dove Films Interview with Michael Gier – Actor

CFDb hires Cindy Navarro, the social media queen, as one of our new professional connectors!


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To Our Fellow Christian Film Lovers!

February – the time for love…but isn’t every day! 2013 is my year to draw closer to God, that is my main goal. The other goal we all should have is to love one another…to be like Jesus! Our best valentine ever is Jesus! Have a healthy Valentine’s Day this year!

Sometimes the best gift we can give is to be careful what we say and how we say it. Focus on the good qualities of everyone you meet and let everything else go. LOVE!

Happy Healthy Valentine's Day


Annelie Rudlaff, llc


Proverbs 18:21 – Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

CFDb – 5 Star Christian Movie Recommendation:

The First Valentine

I may have recommended this last year as well but this movie is really perfect for Valentine’s Day.

A strong message and a film that shows where Valentine’s Day originally came from. It’s a legend but really perfect and great for kids and adults. You’ll love it. Short but great! 25 min. long. Great tool for Churches too.

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Annelie's Christian Film World Blog

Annelie’s Christian Film World



CFDb Interviews Eric Bugbee
Executive Producer/Director/Writer & Owner at Blue Trail Entertainment, Inc.


= > Let us know about the most current film you are involved in, “Heroes of Dirt”?


Log-line: A young man’s passion to achieve greatness in the sport as he realizes true significance by mentoring a troubled teen.


Synopsis: Passionate BMX dirt jumper, Phin Cooper, wants nothing in life but to attain fame in his sport and get paid doing it. After missing out on a competition when he lands in jail for unpaid citations, he is court-ordered for community service and reluctantly mentors Blue Espinosa under the watchful eyes of youth center director Jordin Armstrong.


As Phin leads the troubled teen on exciting adventures of riding dirt trails, big jumps and cityscapes, Blue becomes more than an obligation – he becomes an unlikely friend. But Phin also becomes unwittingly involved in Blueʼs secret world of drug trafficking.


Just as his second chance to compete comes around, Phin learns that Blue is held hostage by a dangerous gang, and everything becomes a race against time.


Featuring some of the best pro stunt riders in freestyle BMX, Heroes of Dirt is more than adrenaline rush – it is the story about a young manʼs journey into real significance, and the price it takes to get there.


Since I was a teenager, I ʼve felt the calling to speak positivity into the lives of younger kids – whether it was at school, sports or at the BMX trails. This film is sort of an extension of myself – a person who battles pride and often fails.


When ambitious people focus only on themselves they may succeed, but it ʼs only temporarily – like being a hero for the day. That ʼs all selfish ambition really gets you -temporary acclaim, then itʼs off to striving for more and being discontent until you get to that next level. No matter how many levels you succeed at, you never really arrive until you realize that nothing can make you truly happy and content – except by trusting in the Lord and releasing that ambition to Him. I also want to make note that itʼs only when we step outside of ourselves, sacrificing our own dreams and desires for the sake of somebody else, that we have the capacity to become a hero for a lifetime – it may not get us fame or fortune, but if we can change a life and set someone on a path of hope, rather than dissipation and rejection, then we not only have the power to transform that personʼs life, but all the other lives of the people with whom that first person comes into contact. Itʼs a ripple effect. Thatʼs the essence of Heroes of Dirt.


Within the movie, we created a BMX contest series called Heroes of Dirt (our take on the X Games or Dew Tour), but just as important, the name is a metaphor for describing someone who steps into a dirty situation, or life, and is willing to lay down his own life for the sake of a person whose life never had any hope. Even Jesus said, “Greater love has no one than this than he who lays down his life for a friend.” … or my addition… “for someone who once was a friend and seriously wronged you, whom you have to choose to forgive.”

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Bully is not really a Christian film but it was marketed to Christians so this was listed on our database with a warning and a recommendation to read the MovieGuide Review.

DVD Release Date 02/05/2013
Theater Release Date 02/13/2013
DVD Release Date 02/12/2013
DVD Release Date 02/15/2013
DVD Release Date 02/19/2013
DVD Release Date 02/01/2013
Release Date 02/2013

Films from January, 2013

GMC Release Date 01/27/2013
DVD Release Date 01/29/2013
Select Theaters Release Date 01/12/2013

Annelie’s Christian Film World Blog

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