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CFDb Interviews Anita Cordell

CFDb Interviews Anita Cordell – Actress/Producer/Casting Director


= > Please tell us how you got involved in the film industry?

I have several friends in the industry who encouraged me to get an agent back around 2006 and start networking with the local film commission of Kansas City. These friends saw me perform in a stage play as the lead role in a 200+ cast/crew production. So, I started going to the film meetings, auditioning for their projects, getting trained with several Casting Directors, and working with my talent agent to submit for films and commercials. After I started acting in multiple projects, I broadened my scope of work to help me stay current and busy in the industry by producing my own projects, as well as helping others cast their projects within the surrounding areas of Kansas City.



= > Have you ever felt led by God to cast someone for a particular role or yourself auditioned for a particular role and if so, which film and how.

I may not give you the exact answer that you’re looking for but here goes. Regarding these two questions, I believe that in each and every project, I hope that I’m right where I’m supposed to be, whether they are a faith based project or a project that is not faith based. In terms of being an actor and looking for a particular role, my belief is that it’s my job, as an actor, to audition, audition, and audition.

Now, of course, there are many roles I would not audition for, but I feel that even if I audition for a part, that doesn’t mean it was meant for me, but if I don’t audition, I could be limiting myself and/or God, for a future relationship with those involved. For instance, I auditioned for one of the lead roles in “A CHRISTMAS SNOW“, directed by Tracy Trost. It wasn’t considered a Faith Based project, but one with a good heart and a good message to reach a broader audience regarding forgiveness. I didn’t get the part, but I was able to stay in touch and become friends with the Director and he later cast me his next film, “THE LAMP“. I believe in Divine appointments and it may not be answered by one casting call, or one project. I feel that each project, each audition, each connection, can many times lead to a greater cause, even if I don’t cast a person, or get a part I auditioned for. This goes for even non-Faith based projects. I feel that for ME, my light must shine to my friends that are not believers as well as those who are.



= > Can you tell us a little about your role in “Bad Neighborhood”?

I played Barb Grantham in “Bad Neighborhood“. She is a suburban wife and mother who enjoys having faith in all circumstances. However, that faith is shaken when she is put in a situation that gets her out of her comfort zone. Her perception of the situation can mirror many of our lives. Sometimes, we don’t have the perspective of God, and we fail to see Him protecting us or working in our lives because we are looking through a different set of glasses than what He is.

As far as how I got involved in the project, I actually met the director several years ago through an actress friend of mine. She had worked with the Director before and told me about a project he was casting for. So, I sent in an audition tape and we stayed in touch. When this project came up, he reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested in playing the lead role. I loved the message and accepted.



= > Can you share with us about any other films you might currently be working on?

I am currently working on a few of my own projects and hope to produce at least 1 of those projects in 2013.



= > How can others learn more about you and your work?

My website is and my IMDb link is

I also have a profile on Actors Access, which is:

I have a Facebook Fan page to follow my acting endeavors as well.

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