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CFDb Interviews Aaron Allen

CFDb Interviews Aaron Allen ~ Director/Producer

= > Have you produced other films in the past? If yes, please name one we may have heard of.

Not any that you may have heard of, cause my past projects never worked out, most were in secular worldview stuff. One came close, but wasn’t completed correctly and God wants me to re-work it soon.


= > What inspired you to produce “The Waiting Room” movie?

Met the writer, Cleveland O. McLeish online and got to look at some of his scripts for his plays. He posted once saying ‘The Waiting Room’ could made into a movie without barely changing or rewriting it. I contacted him and told him I might be interested. He sent me the script and I really enjoyed it and felt it would be good. He re-formated it into a screenplay and we began planning. Pretty recently we noticed we needed to do some adding to it to make it longer for a feature film.


= > Can you tell us a little bit more about the film?

Its about five strangers that share a brief moment in a diner. When they all wake up in a strange waiting room with no windows or doors. Wondering why they are there, how they got there and who is who? They are visited by people from thier past who have died. When a messanger comes on with a Bible and tells them they are there to meet with Jesus for judgement. They still are skeptical about it, but only one of them knows the truth.


= > Is there a release date yet for “The Waiting Room”?

Currently No, it is TBA. We begin filming sometime in Spring 2013.


= > How can people help get this film produced?

We are in need of funds to produce this movie, to make it happen. But we also need prayer, volunteers to work on certain needs such as food, props, and also need filming locations donated.


= > Where can people find more about you and your work?

People can find out more about me, our ministry and movie at the following places:


If you are led to help this film get produced, please contact Aaron at



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