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CFDb Interviews Adam Melton

CFDb Interviews Adam Melton ~ Actor/Producer

Adam Melton


= > What lead to your acting career?

I started acting in church plays when I was 5, after high school I started acting in the community theater. I played Barnaby in “Hello Dolly” we would rehearse everyday for 2 months then do 12 shows. I remember sitting and talking with one of the other actors and he said “You know this is fun, but by the end you will be ready for it to be over.” I never forgot what he said because by the end of the production I wasn’t ready for it to be over. At that moment is when I realized this is what I want to do every day. Its not work to me. Most people go to their job and watch the clock waiting for when they can leave, but when I’m acting that’s where I want to be.

Praise Band


= > How did you begin your producing career?

I started out doing what every actor does. You go to an audition then wait for a phone call to see if you got the part or not. I got a call from a casting director that wanted me to come in and audition for a role in a christian movie. My first thought was I didn’t want to do a christian movie. That’s sounds bad being I’m a christian, but everybody knows how bad christian movies have been in the past. I finally went in to meet with them and the director seemed to want to do a quality project so I thought I would give it a try. I got the lead role in “Praise Band” after a few days on set and seeing they were headed in the right direction, I realized, if christian movies are so bad why don’t I do something about it. So I decided I would produce the movies so I can make sure they are the absolute best they can be and get better. I believe over the last several years they have gotten better and better. It isn’t that people are against christian movies. They are against poorly made movies in general.


= > Please tell us more about your role in ‘Pendulum Swings’.

‘Pendulum Swings‘ is a role that required a lot of range. My character Dale goes from clean cut church going father to long hair, full beard, homeless and wanting nothing to do with God. We filmed the middle of the movie first which was my rough days with the long hair and beard. I had met the two girls playing my daughters looking that way so that was the only way they had known me. After I cleaned up to film the other parts the first day back Anna Grace who played my youngest daughter didn’t even know who I was. My character goes through so much it was really challenging which made me grow so much as an actor. There were parts in the movie where I just go completely out of my mind and I just had to reach for the top and let it all go there was no overdoing it. At the end of some days I was exhausted but I think about the day and I was thinking I didn’t do that much but the role is so emotional it takes a lot out of you.


= > What has been your favorite acting role thus far?

My favorite role would be the role of Dale Jennings in Pendulum Swings. In my personal life I had not gone through most of what my character went through so I really had to work on the character in order for it to come across right. I want every scene to be perfect so if I don’t think its perfect we do it again and again. You will never hear me say it was good enough. Nothing is ever good enough it can always be better. In this movie I go through so many changes its like playing more than one role so I think it shows a lot of range as an actor. One minute I’m smiling and playing around then later I am flipping out and have a gun to my head so it gets pretty intense at times.


= > How has God led in your acting career?

God has really opened doors for me in my career, I just had to figure out which way he was leading me. Like I said before Christian movies have come a long way. I struggled with the roles in some of the movies I was given to audition for and it was so clear to me the day I figured out God telling me, if you want the movies to be better do something about it. So I am.


= > How can others learn more about you and your work?



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