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CFDb Interviews Billy Badd

CFDb Interviews Billy Badd ~



= > How did you first get involved in the film industry?

A videographer  needed an EPK and the record label didn’t have a budget, but it needed to be done.  I filmed and edited the EPK and the rest is history.  My editing and videography skills are self taught.  I did such a great job filming the EPK that the record label asked me to film an artist video.  From there I began filming hip hop videos and other videography works for artists such as Flo Rida, Ray J, Lil Wayne and more.


= > How has God led in your career decisions?

After living a worldly lifestyle, GOD led me to create ‘It Has Begun‘ for the sake of everyone’s salvation.  I feel like I have a purpose as GOD’s messenger to make people aware of the sign of the times and the events taking place.  HE has changed my decision making process in my day to day life.  Witnessing GOD work has been amazing and life changing.  I think everyone should experience the goodness of GOD.  I try to consult with GOD before making all major decisions in my life and career as a filmmaker.  I only want to do what is appropriate in His eyes.


= > Please tell us the inspiration behind ‘It Has Begun’?

When I was saved I understood the importance of salvation.  My mission is to spread the Word of GOD and his revelations to people while reaching someone like me when I was in the streets.  My testimony and the struggles I have endured to create this Biblically inspired masterpiece proves that salvation is now more important today than ever before.  GOD took over this project and guided me directly to all the media and informational clips you will witness in this film.  It Has Begun is 100% TOTALLY inspired and led by GOD to deliver His message to today’s society.


= > Describe for us what results do you want to see from the film ‘It Has Begun’?

Salvation!  I want to witness people being saved from young to old.   It’s time for people to understand the importance of a relationship with GOD and their salvation.  GOD and the Bible are very real!  We are currently living in our last days and in the book of Revelation.  People need to be aware of the sign of the times, the coming of GOD and the Biblical events that are taking place all around the world today.


= > Do you have any other future film projects that you can tell us about?

My next film is titled, ‘Black Bag’ which is about the power of love; a young man loses his parents and stops believing in GOD while in a series of unfortunate events he finds the Lord again.


= > How can others learn more about you and your work?

I can be reached by e-mail –


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