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CFDb Interviews Brad Stine

CFDb Interviews Brad Stine – Actor/Comedian

= > How did you become known as “God’s Comic”?

Actually the name God’s Comic was the title on the online version of an 8pg article written about me in the New Yorker magazine in 2004. Of course at the time they meant it sarcastically but being me, I have used the name and wear it proudly. I want to represent my faith and my art as influentially and culturally relevant as I can.


= > At what age did you know you wanted to serve God as an actor/comedian?  Which came first?

Well I first wanted to be a secret agent, then a stuntman, after that there were a lot of years desiring to be a professional baseball player. From there it was a professional magician and then finally a comedian/actor…which has also morphed into writer and Christian worldview apologist.


= > What has been the hardest part about being a Christian Comedian?

Well for me it was making the transition from seeking to be the best known Christian comedian I could become to becoming the most committed to using the gifts God gave me to do His work. Starting out in nightclubs you get trained to see your work as competition against the other great comedians out there. When I moved into the Christian world my thought process was naturally the same, be the biggest, baddest, best Christian comedian of all time. It was after some serious soul searching and a dark night of the soul that the Lord took me through, that He made it very clear “I own your funny” and it was a gift to be given back to the King to use as He saw fit to tell His story. I’m still trying to do that daily.


= > Has there been any Christian Film that has impacted your life in a powerful way?  Please tell us about it.

Hmm, not to sound sappy but I loved “It’s a wonderful life”. Great story, great acting. It has been ripped off so much now some people new to it may not understand its significance but it told one of Gods stories to the WORLD, not just to Christians. I am co-starring in a film that isn’t out yet but it deals with some real dark issues. Suicide, drug addiction, disconnect from parents etc. It’s a teen trying to decide if life is worth living and it is a beautiful story about redemption and forgiveness and giving your life to Christ but it was created by the producers to reach out to non-believers who would never go to church and find Christian art irrelevant. It has elements that are rarely seen in a “faith” film and will probably be a PG-13, but it will minister to the un-churched in a relevant, raw, powerful way. Ironically I am sure some legalistic Christians will complain, the same legalistic Christians by the way that want their kids to read the Bible. The same Bible that God tells stories like Him asking Israel to kill all the woman and children in a tribe. Rape, incest, adultery, murder are all stories GOD ALMIGHTY felt were important to tell in order to demonstrate the results of sin, yet some Christians in America won’t let Christian film makers do the same. Odd don’t ya think?


= > As a comedian, can you share at least one experience that your work as God’s Comic has impacted someone else’s life?

Wow, it’s hard to say. I have had numerous occasions where Christians have given my DVD’s to non-believers and it brought them to Christ which is always amazing and humbling. Even when I was in comedy clubs I would be clean and witness to comedians I was working with. One comedian really gave me a hard time and said I couldn’t be a Christian and be in clubs. I witnessed to him all week and then didn’t see him again for years. About 10 years later a comedian asked me if I remember a comedian named Thor. I said yes and he told me that Thor wanted to tell me that he was sorry for being so hard on me years ago and that he was a believer now and was doing Christian comedy, so that was interesting. It also shows why Christians need to be in the secular arts.


= > Can you tell us about your latest role in “Deserted”?

Deserted has me play a contemporary fire and brimstone preacher that is letting the congregation know that Christ’s returning soon and they had better wake up and get hot or cold or get out. It was a fun part and quite a departure from the escaped convict I played in the film I mentioned above. That’s why I love acting, it lets you explore so many different characters and styles.

= > Are you currently working on any other projects that you can tell us about?

Well my new DVD is out called “ God’s Comic” and it seems to really be generating some positive feedback. I also finished a interview with Rick Green from Wallbuilders filmed in Independence Hall where we humorously learn about the Constitution and it’s impact in our lives. I am doing a lot more projects that entertain while teaching about God and Country and tearing down political correctness.


= > How can people learn more about you and your work?

Anyone who is interested in working with me as an actor or comedian can contact me at


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