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CFDb Interviews Bruce Marchiano

CFDb Interviews Bruce Marchiano ~ Actor

Bruce Marchiano head shot

= > How did you first get involved in acting?

Glory to Jesus! I was 12 or 13 when I began focusing on an acting career, inspired by a Dustin Hoffman film.  I remember sitting in the theater and even at that young age I could see that he was heads and tails above the rest, and I was just totally intrigued.  I walked out of that film saying to myself, “This is what I want to do.” I remember I got the sound tracks from all these Broadway musicals and would act them all out in my room, over and over.  I got involved in high school productions and just couldn’t get enough of it.  I began acting classes… and just carried on advancing toward a real career.  Little did I know the Lord was preparing to do films for HIM! Wonderful!


= > What was your first role as an actor?

Haha! I’m always a bit embarrassed by this question because at the time it was such a major event for me but looking back it was so tiny.  But I guess a guy has to begin somewhere, haha! It was on a classic TV show, “Murder, She Wrote.”  I had two lines, and you can’t imagine how many hours I spent rehearsing them, haha!  The funny thing is we were shooting on the Universal Studios lot. I was walking from the make-up trailer to the set and a tour bus rode by.  They all began taking pictures of me, haha!  I had lots of laughs over that one.

 Bruce marchiano

= > Has it been difficult for you playing Jesus?  Describe for us some of the emotions you went through. 

In  word, yes. At the same time, it has been beyond amazing and wonderful.  The difficulties lie in many things, not the least of which is tremendous load of work. For me, anyway, it’s not so much a matter of “acting” but of diving on my face in prayer and in God’s Word to clean away as much of myself as possible so that as much of Him within me can shine through.

For me the huge challenge is preparing my own heart to represent Jesus properly – it’s a mission as opposed to an acting role.  I know millions will make decisions about Jesus based on what I do in front of that camera and I don’t take that lightly. So that responsibility is what makes the role of Jesus much different than any other. That’s not to mention there’s no way even the greatest actor in the world can do Him justice. But oddly that is freeing.  There’s nothing I can personally do to make it right, only show up and PRAY, haha!  Then the other challenge is the depth of emotion that it takes me to.

There’s no way to describe re-enacting the cross, and the personal horror and utter depth of realizing in a very unique way the depth of His love for people.  I just weep and weep every time I’ve done it.  And the depth of compassion that you realize when you’re down in the dirt with terribly broken people, reaching out in His name with His words and care… I can promise you, at least for me, it takes a guy to a place where it’s challenging to carry on with normal life.  I like to say that in playing Jesus I not only learned a tiny bit about how He lived His life 2000 years ago – but a whole lot about how He wants me to live my life today.  It’s deeply humbling.  We praise Jesus.

= > Please tell us more about your role in ‘For Love’s Sake’?

It’s one of the few films that I don’t portray Jesus, haha!  At the same time, the character is a believer and the way I see it, it’s all our job as believers to “be” Jesus to all around us, so in a sense, all I had to do was keep playing Jesus, haha!  But the film is the story about a family torn apart by tragedy, kids being thrown into “the system,” a mom struggling with addictions and a father tragically killed… and how the Lord puts it all back together.  I play the role of the one guy who believes that this mother can overcome her problems and regain her family.  He guides her through a sea of opposition and odds.  He hangs his hat on, “With God all things are possible!” and the rest is history. Exciting!


= > Is there a favorite role you can tell us about? 

It goes without saying that portraying Jesus has been the crowning experience of my career and lifetime, changing me deeply – even as it continues to do so every time I portray Him.  Each time it is like going deeper and deeper into who Jesus is and my own relationship with him.  You add on top of it the fact that you’re re-enacting the most pivotal events in universal history, you’re in exotic locations like Morocco and South Africa… but most of all you’re doing work that counts for lives being changed by God’s Word.  Every day I see testimony after testimony, and nothing can top that.  It’s all so beyond anything I could ever have dreamed, and I can only say, “Glory to Jesus!”


= > How can others learn more about you and your work?

There are two websites that folks can browse, and, the latter being a major Jesus film “for a new generation” that I’m developing – and I need everyone’s help!  Otherwise, it’s a BLESSING to be with you!  Glory to Jesus!

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