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CFDb Interviews Carlucci Weyant

CFDb Interviews Carlucci Weyant ~ Actor/Writer/Producer/Artist/Musician/Visionary

Carlucci Weyant

= > What inspired you to get into the film industry, how did you get started? What was your Journey?

Watching films while growing up allowed me to explore areas that still inspire me to this day. Whether it was picking up a guitar and playing it, painting a picture, writing a story, exploring nature or learning a sport, film helped me explore areas that were already deeply rooted and allowed them to manifest into my present. I began my journey into the arts when I pursued music as my chosen “career”. My life primarily consisted of art, music and sports. I wanted to become a professional musician, but quickly found out how difficult it was to get “noticed”. It was in 2001, when my life was unraveling quickly, that I came across a book that allowed me to view life differently. “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch had an immediate impact on me. It allowed me to forgive not only myself but also others and helped me remember the importance of who we are as individuals. It reminded me to love others, share my art, passion and knowledge with all.

That was when I knew my “calling” was to help, heal and inspire others to find their own beauty. I continued on my path towards music while living in Los Angeles but the film industry started to intrigue me a bit. I did my first film “Scattered and Saved” and instantly fell in love with the craft as well as the business behind the art. As I continued on my Journey, I wanted to create pieces of work that would help engage, inspire and open audiences towards love and freedom. I’ve done a few films in which I’ve had individuals come up to me and actually thank me for portraying a certain role or producing a type of film. Hearing how I could help someone break out of confinement or whatever it may be is an absolute blessing. I have a long way to go but will continue to do work that will help others to Dream, Create and Inspire.

 On scene with carlucci

= > What is your favorite role that you’ve played thus far?

I can’t say I have a favorite, as each role will always be an important moment during that time. Each film has its own story and message that needs to get across and am thankful for the opportunities I’ve had in telling those tales. Each role has stretched and developed me as an artist, from playing a wealthy, New York City broker in the psychological film “Karma” to playing an angry, short fused character in the dark comedy “Dedd Brothers” to playing a crazy, unbalanced, cuckoo, hoarding character in the psychological drama “Samuel Bleak” to an out of work actor of Muslim descent living in NYC after 911 in “Benjamin” to the latest film “Ashes of Eden”. There’s just to many to pick out a favorite. J


= > Can you tell us a little bit about your recent role in “Ashes of Eden”?

Well, I’d like to first say that working on that picture was fun! It definitely was one of my most valued experiences in film. I really enjoyed working, connecting and creating with everyone on set while making some relationships that’ll last a lifetime. The role came about when a good friend, DJ Perry, (which I met in India while shooting “Karma” and have since worked together on a few projects) sent me a text saying to take a look at a script he just emailed. Honestly, at the time I was so inundated in work for my company Split Vision Entertainment, (getting things organized and ready for 2013) that I didn’t have time or desire to read any script. DJ, who I value his opinion and eye for great material, told me that I would really enjoy reading it. I remember finally taking a look at the script, reading it in one sitting and saying “Wow, that was a dang good script!”. The writer (amongst other positions) Shane Hagedorn did something not too many people can do. To capture the human essence, the vulnerability, the innocence, love, hate and strength of each character through moments, good and bad in 100 or so pages is amazing. There was an immediate connection to each character; you feel their pain, their struggle, their joy and highest excitement. You paint a picture in your mind and realize that many of these qualities resonate in our own lives. The role of Carlos was a struggle at some points. There were moments so deep, so real that had to be portrayed. It was a role that you had to dig as deep physically, mentally, spiritually as you could go and just when you thought you were done, you had to dig deeper. The only way to truly show the beauty of the script was to immerse yourself entirely in tears, blood, pain, joy, darkness and loving places of your mind and soul. It was raw and real, as you’ll see in the film.



= > How has God influenced your decisions in the film industry?

Through Inspiration, guidance, love, healing, strength and awareness. The industry has a tendency to break one down. Whether it be negative energy that constantly floats around or the inability to know what avenue or direction you need to go, or not having the means to get by or fit in “Society” whether it be money, transportation, a place to live, materialistic items or anything else. In the beginning of my journey I struggled, and I struggled for a long time. A lot of people don’t realize the years and sacrifices that it takes to get to a certain point. There were a billion and one moments where I almost quit or could of easily “lost” my mind, my soul, myself, but instead had the strength and awareness to realize the bigger picture and the guidance to lead me down the right path.  I’ve become more enlightened over the years and now understand the reason for such hardships. Understanding that we all have the ability to create our realities and have the ability to love and manifest whatever we believe in.




= > What would you recommend for others trying to get into the film industry?

Go into it for the right reasons. Make sure you are truly inspired by the art and craft. Whether it is art, music, writing, becoming an engineer, an architect, doctor, lawyer etc., be true to it. It’s the idea to truly be the unique individual we were created to be. When everyone is truly the fullest individual they can be, that’s when we will achieve true unity and harmony in our world. Don’t chase money! Its an important lesson that took a long time understanding but when you chase money it runs away, when you do something you actually love and have zero doubt in doing it, the money will come. It happens every time. Have patience! Learn to love all things that come your way whether good and bad. Obstacles are put in front of us to give us a deeper understanding on life, a deeper appreciation for who we are and what we do. Live every single moment, we forget what a gift every single breath is that we’re given. We need to appreciate every single second of the day, every moment, every breath no matter what the circumstances. Get your tools for becoming an actor, director or writer. Watch films and artists that inspire you. Meet as many people as you can but don’t go into it for just reasons to help you get up the “Film” ladder but rather get to know them, connect with them and feel their passion, embrace their story. Do it all with no expectation.


=> What do you like about all the social media outlets you use?

Connection. I love how it connects us so easily to those far away; Family, friends and fans. Social media is a great way of sharing and receiving art on a global scale. Earth….. Take out the E and H and it spells art.


=>  What are some of your favorite hobbies?

Being creative, writing, reading, sketching, drawing, playing, writing and listening to music. Learning, research, sports, football, working out, walking in the dark, meditating, exploring. Watching movies! Spending time with family, teaching and helping others. I’m fascinated with knowledge, learning the human psyche, the brain, medicine, holistic medicine, and different cultures. Breathing, yoga, crafting and boxing. I enjoy life and always try things at least once. I love challenging myself, whether it’s trying to learn a new language or instrument to pushing my body, mind and spirit to new levels of awareness.


= > What do you have coming up? How can other learn more about you and your work?

2013 is a very busy year for Split Vision Entertainment. We have about a dozen or so large films that will get into production between this year and 2014. Some in which will break the mold for filmmaking. “Samuel Bleak” “Dedd Brothers” “Benjamin” “Locked in a Room” and “Ashes of Eden” all will be coming out this year. As an actor I’ll be shooting about 5 features thru the course of the year. “The Falashas” which is about two hundred Ethiopians, known as Falashas, that were left behind and scheduled for execution by Mengistu’s Government during the 1985 Airlifts. It’s a beautiful story about love, commitment and shows how the actions of a few change lives forever.  “Chapo” which is based on a true story about a young boxer in the 1950’s. It shows a young man that fights his personal struggles, the mafia, his family, his love and his life. “18 Mila Street” another film based on a true story. It’s April 1943, the surviving individuals of Warsaw are faced with execution on the final deportation to Treblinka. Instead of being taken they choose to die fighting. I’ll keep the others for a surprise. J You can find anything related to film at or you can find me on twitter at where I share a lot while on my personal quest, thru quotes, pictures, art, music, my new jewelry line CIIIW in which launches soon and much more. Come join the party and hang with me! My love goes out to everyone.




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  1. Tiffany S says
    14 January 13, 9:54am

    What a great interview! I love Carlucci, he’s so inspirational.

  2. Cesca says
    14 January 13, 4:34pm

    Amazing! You have such a beautiful soul!

  3. Lucia says
    14 January 13, 5:06pm

    Wow amazing interview. Really inspiring!

  4. Mike says
    14 January 13, 7:53pm

    Saw you filming Benjamin in grand central station on my way to work. I love seeing movies made in NYC landmarks ,and it’s cool for the rest of the country to see them too.
    Best of luck mike FDNY.

  5. Mike says
    14 January 13, 9:47pm

    What an intelligent, driven and inspirational young man.. Thank you for sharing this with us. I look forward to seeing more of Carlucci.

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