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CFDb Interviews Christopher Lee Power

CFDb Interviews Christopher Lee Power ~ Author/Actor

CFDb Interviews Christopher Lee Power – Actor & Author of Breaking Free


= > When did you start your acting career?

My family is from a background of entertainers, so it was in my blood. However to be honest, in the 1970s and 1980s I was a rebellious teenager who made wrong choices, I left school without any education or qualifications, I also had a speech impediment and I got involved with a gang and found my life in total chaos.

I enjoyed the attention I got from being rebellious but this was wrong and then I discovered drama and I found that it gave me an outlet to release my frustration and anger. I found that I was able to express myself in wonderful ways and really explore characters like I had never done before. It wasn’t until I became a Christian at the age of 18 that I decided that I needed an education and leave my rebellious lifestyle behind. I got a tutor and learned all I could about art, drama, society and took elocution lessons until finally I got into drama school. I studied at Lee Strasberg Studio, RADA and Richmond Drama School. I am now 43 years old.

= > Have you played in any TV Shows/Movies/Commercials that we may have heard of?

I spent many years on the stage and slowly started getting parts in British soaps such as Coronation Street, Brookside and Hollyoaks. Then small parts came in programs for ITV and BBC. It was not long after that that I began to work in films and shorts.

= > What led you to write the book Breaking Free?

I had spent many years being interviewed and having articles about me in newspapers and magazines. I did have a dream about 24 years ago about writing a book and in the dream I called it “Changes”. It was in 2008 that I felt prompted to write my book as I wanted to tell my story and inspire many people but needed support. I sent the manuscript to every Christian publisher I could think of but every one of them said no. I wanted to give up but one day I received a letter from a secular publisher saying that they would like to publish my book. It was published a few years ago and has done very well.


= > What is the book about?

Breaking Free opens with the murder of Christopher’s father’s friend in 1973. After leaving his family home to start a new life with his loved ones, Christopher was subjected to harrowing sexual abuse, a tormenting secret he kept from his family.

Torn between his conscious and the sinful world he finds himself in. The path he chooses found him entangled in, drug abuse, theft, gambling, alcohol and teenage gang warfare. . This is the heart-warming true story of a teenager struggling to break free from the chains of his crime-ridden background and his unfortunate beginnings in the 1980s to his critically acclaimed acting career.

After being sent to prison and a chance meeting with a stranger, he embarked on a journey of discovery and with his delicious sense of humor sustaining him through his danger filled laden journey it led him from the street to the stage.

Now, an accomplished actor, the head of a loving family and a devout Christian. Christopher looks back over his inspiring tale in what would be a nightmarish background and no matter what background you come from you can turn your life around, pursue your dream and find the fulfillment you have spent a life time searching for.

= > What format is your book available in?

It is in paperback

= > How can people purchase your book?


= > Are you planning on turning the book into a full length movie?

Breaking Free will be a full length feature film approximately 90 min., and I want to target teenagers and over.


= > Has any Producer contacted you yet about turning your book into a movie? If not, how can they get in touch with you for further details?

I am praying for a great team to get involved. A screenplay is vital as this will hopefully get investors to fund the project. However God has many ways of making things happen. I live in the UK (Britain) and if anyone knows anyone that would like to get involve then contact me at

I am praying for crew, director, screenwriter, costumes, lighting, camera, sound, music etc. Funding is also important and vital and I am praying that someone will invest and help me out.


= > How can people learn more about your acting career?


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