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CFDb Interviews Dale Freeman

CFDb Interviews Dale Freeman – Pastor/Evangelist/Writer

Dale Freeman

= > Can you please share with us how you were led to become to writer?

I’ve always loved to write. It’s one of those things which has come naturally for me. I wrote my first book in 1991. ANIMAL, the true story of Gene Culver, one of the most feared leaders of the Hell’s Angels. His life was totally transformed by the power of the Gospel. Since then, I’ve just kept it up. About 23 books in all. Both fiction and non-fiction. I’ve spent a lot of time ministering throughout Africa and the former Soviet Union, so the non-fiction books are often based in those far flung parts of the world.


= > Has it been a struggle to write while pastoring?

It takes a certain amount of discipline, I suppose. I do most of my writing early in the morning and late at night. Then, occasionally I get away for a week or so and bang out a lot of pages. Also, I’ve been wonderfully blessed with congregations that loved me to write and were very supportive. None of it could have ever happened without them. They say that it “takes a village” to raise a child. Well, it “takes a congregation” for a Pastor to write a book. Let alone 23 of them.


= > What has it been like having 2 sons in the film industry?
They came by it naturally. I’ve always loved movies. Not just as entertainment, but also as an art form. They were raised on a broad spectrum of films and learned about the art of filmmaking early. They’re incredibly talented, not only as filmmakers, but also as writers. My pride knows no bounds.
wake before
= > How was it decided to turn the book you wrote My Soul To Take into a feature film, “Wake Before I Die”?

I write cinematically. That is to say, my books read like movies. So, it was natural to work on bringing an adaptation to the screen. It’s a very personal book. Written as fiction, and based to a great degree on fact. I’d say that about 70% of the book actually happened to our family early in my ministry. The guys expanded it and brought it to life. Some of the scenes play out almost exactly like they happened. There’s a certain amount of Deja Vu going on when I watch it.


= > Are there any future plans to turn any of your other novels into feature films? If yes, which ones?

Yes, there are plans to bring several more to the screen. The next will probably be based on a trilogy of Post Rapture books that I wrote. The DINETAH TAPE Series. The working title is THE REST OF US. Then, an urban thriller called DISTANT HARVEST and a western entitled CACTUS CROSS. And, of course, ANIMAL has to be brought to the screen.


= > How can others learn more about you and your work?
They can go to the web site of my Production Company. Several of my books are currently out of print, but copies of some are still available through and other outlets. Special Movie Editions are currently being published of ANIMAL, MY SOUL TO TAKE,DISTANT HARVEST, CACTUS CROSS and THE DINETAH TRILOGY. They will be released in conjunction with the production of each film.

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