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CFDb Interviews Daniel Knudsen

CFDb Interviews Daniel Knudsen – Actor/Producer/Director


= > How did you get involved in acting and what has been your favorite role?

When I was quite young I had a dream of being in the movies. At the age of seventeen I had the opportunity to work on my first film set, both acting as an extra as well as working as a production assistant. Before that experience I had no idea how much work went into making a film! As I began to explore the art of filmmaking, I was also amazed at the sense of adventure in creating something completely new and unique.

From there, in 2005 my family and I launched Crystal Creek Media to produce films with redemptive messages and quality aesthetics. Understandably this launched my career as both a director and producer—but it also offered some fun acting roles as well. One of my favorite roles was in Christmas Grace (an upcoming Christian Christmas movie!) where I played a young church worship leader. I had a great time playing off some great lead actors.


= > Tell us about your most unique acting experience.

One of my favorite acting experiences was in Creed of Gold where I made a short director’s cameo as a coffee house barista. My one line includes asking a lead character if he would like his coffee “regular” (said with a proper New York accent!). While we were shooting the scene, I was in an apron behind the counter and a real customer asked me a question in-between takes. Hopefully I answered correctly because in real life I’m not a coffee person!

= > Can you share a little bit about your role in “Creed of Gold”?

As mentioned above, my one and only line in Creed of Gold was where I made a director’s cameo. As you may guess, my main role was in producing and directing the film. In many ways Creed of Gold was monumental because it was a first feature film for both me and our company, Crystal Creek Media. As director/producer my role encompassed a wide variety of responsibilities—from coordinating cast and crew to making sure that we had the perfect locations lined up for each shot. Through it all, I definitely saw God’s incredible faithfulness!


= > How did you know that directing was a calling for you and how did God lead you to branch out into producing as well?

One of the reasons that I have always loved stories is because of how powerful they are. Think back on Biblical scenes where stories played an integral role—such as King David and the Prophet Nathan or Jesus speaking in parables to the multitudes. Today, by uniquely blending both visual and auditory presentation, the feature film is perhaps the most unique storytelling format of all time. Utilizing this incredibly powerful medium for the gospel has been a lifetime passion of mine and God has literally opened doors around the country for projects I have been involved with.

I believe that God puts dreams in our hearts and that those dreams are to bring ultimate glory to Him. For me, one beautiful evening as the sun set and I walked onto the very first set for Creed of Gold, I realized that this was literally a dream come true. I am so grateful to God for the opportunities He has allowed in my life and look expectantly to the future. Long term, I would like to be more increasingly involved with the performance side of filmmaking through both directing and acting.


= > Are there any other films you are currently working on that you can tell us about?

One of the projects that we are currently finishing up is Christmas Grace. Other current projects include Indescribable and Unexpected Places—both Christian feature films that should be releasing in the upcoming months. We are also beginning pre-production on a new project that we are very excited about.


= > How can people find out more about you and your work?

More information about our other projects is available on our website Also, to stay in touch with Crystal Creek Media on upcoming releases and future projects, I would invite you to check out Crystal Creek Media’s blog: along with our company Facebook page:

For more information about me personally, you can visit my personal website or my Facebook page:

God bless!

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