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CFDb Interviews Danny Jones

CFDb Interviews Danny Jones – Composer

Piano Portrait

How did you know you were meant to be a composer?

As a child and in my early teens, I recognized the desire deep inside me to create music, especially for film. I would go to the movies and watch repeatedly the ones that I truly loved, never tiring of the same films over and over. Many times while leaving the theatre, my being would be overflowing with music that bubbled from my own spirit, all new and all original.


What was the first film you composed for?

The first faith based film that I composed music for was IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS.


Do you have a favorite film that you composed for? Why is it your favorite?

IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS is my favorite movie thus far. It is a story that touches one’s spirit deeply about forgiveness, and it also contains one of my most beloved scores, MY PENITENT HEART. I am also very proud of this movie because it won BEST PICTURE at The HOLYWOOD CHRISTIAN FILM FESTIVAL in New York in 2011.

Can you tell us a little bit about your work for “Secrets In The Snow”?

I was approached by producer, Brittany Goodwin, about one of my original songs, DREAM GIVER. Dream Giver is from my cd CHOSEN TO DREAM. Brittany felt the lyrics spoke exactly what she was looking for concerning her SECRETS IN THE SNOW project. She ended up using that original song for the move, plus I submitted instrumental tracks of the song to be used in the film. In addition to the movie, we have created a cd movie soundtrack for the film. We look forward to the possibilities of distribution of this soundtrack as well as the movie.


Has there been a time in your career when you knew for sure God was leading you? Please describe for us.

Yes, about a year ago, I was asked to do a bigger budget movie called AT EASE. This is to be the largest faith based movie that I have scored and sang in up to this point in my career. At first, I was uneasy, wondering if I could really do this and if I did agree, could I do it well enough. Speaking in His still small voice, that I’ve grown accustomed to, I heard Him say, “Don’t limit me and DREAM BIG.” His words were as clear as if I were standing in front of Him and I knew. I knew God was for sure leading me and that He had great things ahead for me as a movie composer and singer.

 Danny Jones CD

How can others learn more about you and your work?

My personal website is I also have an electronic press kit on there as well. I am with PHB ENTERTAINMENT in Los Angeles, CA. This is an entertainment company that not only covers my concerts, but movie scoring as well.

My partner in film is Pattie Howard, CEO of PHB Entertainment. We work as a team scoring movies and producing music for my cd projects. On my personal website is a phone number where anyone wanting to contact us in reference to movies can call. 812-797-3223.

My email address is I have a library of music available to producers that are looking for music of all genres for their films. I have discovered, in this industry, word of mouth works exceptionally well.

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I’ve been contacted by many just by their hearing of my work in previous films.  “God has a way of bringing your gifts before great men!”

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  1. Aaron says
    08 January 13, 4:14pm

    I feel very blessed to have Danny Jones be the composer for our movie THE WAITING ROOM. He is very talented and God sure is blessing his work in many ways.

  2. 29 May 16, 2:03am

    Danny has songs in four of my movies including my newest completed flick, Best Friends Genetically Modified. He’s great to work with!!

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