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CFDb Interviews David A.R. White

CFDb Interviews David A.R. White ~ Actor/Screenwriter/Producer

= > At what age did you being acting?

At 19 I moved to LA, and I hadn’t had any formal training, but I jumped in and started.


= > How did you know you wanted to get involved in Producing/Screenwriting? 

Not sure exactly, other than I’ve always loved stories and story telling.  I enjoy performing , and felt like I’ve had stories to tell. Producing/screenwriting allows me a bit more control to do those things.


= > What was your most favorite acting role?

I’ve had quite a few, and have been really fortunate.  I loved my role in Mercy Streets and Holyman Undercover, as I was able to play dual roles.

Then on the lighter side, I really enjoy playing with my real life wife, and doing ensemble pieces, so Marriage Retreat was a fun one as well.


= > Of all the Christian films you’ve had a role in, which one do you believe has impacted more people for Christ or strengthened the faith of Christians?

I do think The Encounter has been the most powerfully recieved, it was a little movie I had the pleasure of directing, but we get emails daily from all over the world of people coming to the Lord through this movie. 

We just did a stand alone sequel in Tailand called Encounter…Paradise Lost – that comes out Sept. 18, 2012, that I’m in, as well as Bruce Marchiano comes back, and it’s powerful and exciting as well.



= > Tell us a little about your role in “Marriage Retreat”?

I play a husband that doesn’t want to have kids as he’s afraid he’ll mirror his father who was abusive.

Each of the couples go through their own things, to find that if God is not the center of their marriage, no matter the issues, they will not survive.


= > Do you have any upcoming projects you are working on that you can tell us about?

Yea, we’re in post production on a really exciting end times film called Beginning of the End – where I play an ex assassin in search of faith, being chased down by this biker gang, headed by Brian Bosworth who was terrific to work with.


= > How can others learn more about you and your work?

You can check out our Pure Flix facebook page for more info on what we’re doing.

You can also go to mine as well.  David A.R. White Facebook Page.



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